Thermal Transfer Overprinters

The Domino's Vx-Series and V-Series Thermal Transfer Overprinting (TTO) coders provide ultimate performance to code onto film, labels, or a range of other flexible packaging materials. Domino's TTO coders are the most advanced in the market when it comes to ribbon economy, speed and print size. The range provides the ideal coding method in bag forming machines, vertical form fill and seal, horizontal form fill and seal, and a variety of other host machines. The units are extremely versatile, making integration with existing host machines a simple process. These printers can be controlled by a host software system or operated individually as a standalone system.

Why choose Domino?

Unique Domino Ribbon
A wide range of ribbons offering greater print quality, lower downtime and regulatory compliance for peace of mind

Simple Installation and Replacement
Compact size so existing brackets can be used, no compressed air, compatible with other systems

No Dedicated Controller
Operate more than one printer with your controller or even use your PC

Reliability You Can Trust
The i-Tech 'Dancing Arms' system virtually eliminates ribbon breaks

Quick conversion between intermittent and continuous modes plus a wide range of mounting brackets to suit all packaging machines

Easy To Use
Domino's QuickStep user interface simplifies operation and allows message creation without the need for a PC

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