A Unified Platform for all your Honeywell Mobile Devices

Honeywell Mobility Edge is a unified, dynamic mobile device management platform. Based on a common hardware and software platform, Mobility Edge offers an integrated, repeatable, scalable approach to workflow automation.

Mobility Edge helps businesses overcome the complexity to build, manage and deploy mobile solutions across the enterprise - faster, with less risk, and less cost. And with guaranteed support through Android R, Mobility Edge offers not only a reduced total cost of ownership, but also the longest security lifecycle in the industry.

Introducing Honeywell Mobility Edge™

Extended lifecycle and enhanced security are two key reasons to invest
in MobilityEdge™, Honeywell’s unified hardware and software platform for
mobile computing.

4 reasons to use Mobility Edge™ for your mobile workforce

When deploying an innovative mobile computing platform into your enterprise, you want to know that your investment will be a good fit for your workforce for years to come. By utilising the Mobility Edge™ platform, you are deploying a
platform that is based upon extensive research gathered from Honeywell’s global community of customers from
a range of technology and industries.

Accelerate deployments

Validate once. Deploy everywhere. Mobility Edge™ expedites development, certification, setup and training involving multiple form factors at once, instead of a burdensome process for each different device. A rapid provisioning suite and out-of-the-box capabilities means mobile deployments are faster, easier, and at a lower cost to your business.

Optimise performance

Boost productivity and drive efficiency. With Mobility Edge™ you can drive device performance for increased efficiency and worker productivity. The productivity-optimising tools enable faster data capture and secure worker communications, and the unified, intuitive experience facilitates user adoption and helps employees complete vital tasks.

Extend Lifecycle

Forward compatible and future-proof. Get full return on your solution investment and benefit from at least 6 years of useful life, through to 2025. Mobility Edge™’s enterprise lifecycle tools offer improved reliability and a longer lifecycle, with hardware designed to support more operating system upgrades – through Android 11/R and committed through Android T. When Google ends its security patch support, Honeywell is committed to extending security patch availability for 5 more years via Honeywell Sentinel.

Strengthen Security

Mobility Edge™ is designed to unleash you from the burdens of fragmented mobile computing. How? By providing a unified, dynamic hardware-and-software platform that offers an agile approach to enabling enterprise IT to deliver better mobile solutions across your business. Mobility Edge™ also offers fast access to the latest OS security patches or extended support.