Modular, compact and powerful laser etching and marking for permanent traceability

Domino has been manufacturing laser coders for over 20 years and offer state-of-the-art laser coding systems. Laser technology gives you the fastest code times compared to other coding systems. It is environmentally friendly and highly cost-effective, so you can be confident of a good return on investment due to its low maintenance and no fluid consumables. Domino lasers stand apart from the competition with their robust yet compact design, modularity and flexibility of integration. They offer a wide range of variations while keeping the parts count low for good ongoing supportability.

  • Highly modular, flexible design for easy integration into existing production environments
  • Compatible with a variety of substrates

Why choose Domino?

High Performance
Unlimited lines of text in any orientation, in many fonts and sizes

Faster Without Compromise
The i-Tech scan head is the fastest of its kind

Compact Size for Easy Integration
Compact printhead that can be integrated into small spaces

Peace of Mind
Robust, reliable controller stores message data without the need for a hard drive

Modular Design
Accommodate your existing production line set up - whether you need the laser vertically mounted for a smaller footprint, or the remote TouchPanel positioned away from the coding

Effective Total Cost of Ownership
Low maintenance technology, and no fluid consumables

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