Flexible and modular for high-impact printing of text, barcodes and QR codes

Continuous inkjet (CIJ) printing technology is one of the most frequently chosen coding solutions for a number of reasons - it's fast, durable, designed to be easy to operate, flexible to install, and is extremely versatile. As a pioneering manufacturer in CIJ technology, Domino has set the industry standard for quality, reliability and versatility for over 40 years. Their latest breakthrough, the Ax-Series,  offers gains in ink usage, droplet accuracy, and placement at traditional print speeds, along with the ability to perfom in tough and varied environments.

Why choose Domino?

Clean and Clear Codes
Advancements in print quality even at the fastest speeds - 9-drop quality at 7-drop speeds

Clean Operation
Spill-free RFID managed cartridges

Easily Configurable
Large easy-to-use touchscreen interface with industry-leading usability

Maximised Productivity & Performance
SureStart technology and intelligent ink system ensures your printer is always available

Service-Free Operation
Operator-changeable module eliminates the need for contractor involvement

Smart Factory Enabled
Cloud connectivity, remote services and standard industry integration protocols (Ax models only)

Discover more about Domino Ax-Series

Connected devices and real-time performance data

Domino Cloud is a central connection point between devices, allowing operators to use coding equipment as part of a singular intelligent factory operation. Connecting factory equipment to the Domino Cloud gives manufacturers 24/7 access to information on production line efficiencies, printer statuses and so much more. The Domino Cloud differs from traditional wide area networks (WAN), in that computing power and storage can flex in real time to the needs of the consumer, allowing for spikes in production and resource-intensive operations to be managed effectively.

A vast array of data on printer operation is collected in real time – from ink and makeup usage, to running performance, and wear and tear on components. The data is sent securely to the Domino Cloud where it can be accessed by the customer and our Helpdesk team to monitor printers remotely, diagnose faults, and flag potential issues early – before any downtime occurs.

Remote Monitoring, Diagnostics and Service Cover for your Continuous and Thermal Inkjet Printers

Protecting planned production time is essential - and so is flexibility in your service coverage. This is why our SafeGuard packages range from Cloud-free service coverage, through to Cloud-enabled packages featuring remote monitoring, OEE performance dashboards, 24/7 Help Desk support and more.

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