Thermal Inkjet Printing

With the exception of the G50i, Domino's thermal inkjet range is fully compatible with Industry 4.0 standards using the Domino Cloud. Domino Cloud allows remote capability, providing the data and tools to ensure printing is a contributor to better packaging and processing systems management. Designed for high-resolution printing at high line speeds with complete reliability, Domino's Gx-Series is versatile, easy to integrate and easy to operate - the perfect fit for many printing applications and substrates. 

Why choose Domino?

High Resolution at the Highest Speeds
Perfect for high volume, high speed printing in demanding environments

Small Footprint
Easy printhead integration and remote controller mounting

Efficient Ink System
The changeable print cartridge is clean and efficient

Improved Line Efficiency
No regular essential maintenance means greater efficiency

Range of Inks
Our portfolio of water and ethanol based inks can match your diverse substrate printing requirements

Simple to Use
Easy operation for creating simple to complex messages

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Domino Cloud

Domino Cloud is a central connection point between devices, allowing operators to use coding equipment as part of a singular intelligent factory operation. Connecting factory equipment to the Domino Cloud gives manufacturers 24/7 access to information on production line efficiencies, printer statuses and so much more. The Domino Cloud differs from traditional wide area networks (WAN), in that computing power and storage can flex in real time to the needs of the consumer, allowing for spikes in production and resource-intensive operations to be managed effectively.

A vast array of data on printer operation is collected in real time – from ink and makeup usage, to running performance, and wear and tear on components. The data is sent securely to the Domino Cloud where it can be accessed by the customer and our Helpdesk team to monitor printers remotely, diagnose faults, and flag potential issues early – before any downtime occurs.

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