Thermal Ribbons Australia

Growing from a small, family-owned business, Thermal Ribbons Australia has become an industry leader for its commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction. To streamline their labelling process, Thermal Ribbons Australia adopted BarTender’s Professional Edition, consolidating a staggering 100 label templates into a singular, reusable core template.

BarTender labelling solution has the best ROI ever, it paid for itself within weeks.

Ron Lusk, Owner, Thermal Ribbons Australia

The Challenge

Thermal Ribbons Australia extended their offering by introducing customised labelling to their customers. This served multiple purposes including internal labelling, batch code application on ribbon interiors, and labelling for product shipments to customers. Customising labelling is a significant component to a final finished product which adds to the brand appeal for both the customer and end user.

Prior to BarTender integration, operators would be required to manually modify labels for each order which would involve changes to quantities, dates, and ribbon types. These changes would be time consuming, where human errors may cause issues with products that have unreadable scans in point of sale (POS) systems.

The accuracy of labels was crucial as any inaccuracies could result in revenue loss, possible supplier changes, and impact Thermal Ribbons Australia's own business and their brand. With BarTender’s Professional Edition, the business can also be assured that whichever fonts, images or barcodes are used meet regulatory compliance.

The Solution

Transitioning to BarTender Professional Edition seamlessly integrated labelling operations with a database, eliminating the need for manual data input and the creation of labels . Following the database integration, the team at Thermal Ribbon Australia consolidated approximately 100 label templates into a single core template. This allowed data to flow effortlessly from the database into the core template, significantly reducing the time previously spent by label operators on manual adjustments.

By implementing BarTender's Professional Edition software, Thermal Ribbons Australia not only saved time but also minimised potential points of failure by connecting printers with the label generation process, direct from Excel and CSV files. The business efficiently trained all employees within a short timeframe, enabling team members to help whenever needed. The user-friendly interface and straightforward setup allowed main label operators to establish a streamlined workflow with backup plans for continuous efficient label printing.

The integration of BarTender introduced conditional printing for approximately 30 different customer-specific box and ribbon templates. Additionally, the implementation of BarTender's Print Station enabled operators to reduce errors by facilitating network-wide label printing from any location. BarTender's conditional printing introduced data-driven automation rules specifying when various objects, layers, or templates in a document would visibly print or remain hidden. This feature automated the printing of customer-specific boxes and ribbon templates, offering customers the flexibility to personalise logos, layouts, and styling. This improvement enabled Thermal Ribbons Australia to expand its services to more clients without the need for additional resources and expenses.

The Results

BarTender’s integration helped Thermal Ribbons Australia consolidate an expanding offering of customized labels into a single, reusable core template and simplified labelling operations through database connections with dynamic data. The introduction of conditional printing automated customer specific template creation whilst also scaling personalization services to more customers without requiring additional resources.

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