Industry compliant thermal barcode labelling and printing solutions

Ensure accurate traceability and compliance with insignia's thermal printing, barcoding and scanning solutions. As a GS1 Strategic Alliance Partner insignia's team have the knowledge and training to help you meet your barcoding requirements.

Traceability solutions

Desktop printers

These compact printers are ideal for when space is at a premium or when your label printing volume is low to medium (fewer than 500 labels per day). Desktop printers are also ideal when you use multiple printers throughout your process.

Industrial printers

Industrial printers are designed for high volume label printing (>500 per day). They’re also ideally suited for tough operating environments, or if you require wider label widths, faster print speeds, continuous printing or higher print resolution.

Blank labels

Whether you’re shipping a box, naming a sample or barcoding your inventory, labels are crucial for identifying, tracking and tracing. Choose from our extensive stocked range or talk to our product experts about a custom solution.

BarTender barcoding software

The world’s most trusted barcode generator software. Create barcodes, design labels, automate your labelling and improve your compliance in labelling and barcoding processes.

Barcode scanners

Capture the data that matters most. Combining class-leading technology and lightweight designs, barcode scanners offer maximum data capture flexibility and user productivity.

Mobile label and receipt printers

Mobile printers allow your team to print labels and receipts where and when you need them. View our range of mobile printers to suit all budgets and applications.

Startrack shipping labels

Our StarTrack labels are manufactured using the finest quality Australian made thermal paper, with a protective layer that ensures optimal printhead performance. We are also a distributor of leading international thermal printer brands that are compatible with our StarTrack labels.

Australia Post labels

When shipping items through Australia Post, a high-quality thermal label ensures the details stay accurate and unspoiled. Our Australia Post shipping labels are available in various sizes and types, with conventional label rolls, fan-fold packs.

SSCC labels

Uniquely identify specific information about the logistic unit clearly and concisely in an industry-standard format, to ensure logistics units move through the supply chain quickly and efficiently.

Need help selecting the right solution?

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