Cloud Solutions

Remotely monitor and manage connected devices with our cloud & device management solutions - from mobile enterprise devices through to industrial thermal and continuous inkjet coders.

Maximising Uptime & Productivity

Access real-time performance data to manage and improve OEE. Make informed decisions. Remotely monitor operating performance of connected devices, and wear and tear on components. Accelerate deployments of new mobile devices. Optimise device performance for increased efficiency and worker productivity. These are just some of the business benefits of cloud-enabled devices and Industry 4.0 in manufacturing, production, warehouse, logistics, and supply chain environments.

Remote monitoring, diagnostics and coverage for your Domino Ax-Series

Domino Cloud

Domino Cloud with Ax Series Continuous Inkjet Printer can monitor the real-time performance of the printer. Analysis of data in real-time can predict the potential line-stopping events before they occur. If your machine experiences a critical fault, our Help Desk will automatically be alerted and proactively resolve the fault.

A unified mobile device management platform

Honeywell Mobility Edge

Based on a common hardware and software platform, Honeywell Mobility Edge offers an integrated, scalable, repeatable approach to workflow automation. Mobility Edge helps businesses overcome the complexity to build, manage and deploy mobile solutions across the enterprise - faster, with less risk, and less cost. And with guaranteed support throughout Android R, Mobility Edge offers not only a reduced total cost of ownership, but also the longest security lifecycle in the industry.

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