Choosing the Best Coding Solution for Chemical Manufacturing

An effective coding solution tailored to your manufacturing requirements, can increase overall efficiencies within both your production environment and your supply chain. It must be robust, and offer the reliability and flexibility you need to meet the demands of a challenging manufacturing environment with ease. With this in mind, our resident coding experts have identified three key factors to consider when choosing the right coding technology for your environment.


Code Contents

Since codes required for manufactured chemicals tend to be simple – often one or two lines – precise code placement and print definition may not always be key criteria when selecting a coding technology. A robust coding solution should be equipped to handle future changes to current requirements; whether this is changes to industry standards, increased code complexity, varying message code content for different customers, or printing text or codes in different orientations.


In chemical manufacturing the substrate (surface) to be coded typically ranges from metal cans, to PET, PVC, HDPE, PP and other plastics, to flexible or rigid paper or cardboard. Whether you require a code to be printed onto a single or variety of types of substrates, our industry experts can provide recommendations and sample-code your substrates to ensure full compatibility for your requirements.

Production Environment

While controlled chemical manufacturing environments tend to be sterile and temperature controlled, other types of production environments can have an effect on the coder reliability and code quality. For example, if the environment is dusty or if wash down procedures are being performed. Consider the environment your coder will be working in, and whether an IP rated system or additional protective features will be required to ensure optimal performance.

Marking and coding solutions delivering permanent traceability

Whether your operations require washdowns or a sterile working environment, or just the flexibility to handle variable data or future changes to industry standards, we can assist you with a solution designed to grow with your operations.


Continuous Inkjet

Domino’s Ax-Series range is the newest generation in continuous inkjet technology, offering gains in ink usage, droplet accuracy, and placement at traditional print speeds. Capable of printing on virtually any surface, Domino also offer an extensive range of ink types, from inks for standard applications through to hard-to-code substrates like rubber, and environmentally friendly fluid alternatives.

Large Character Printing

Domino’s large character coding range delivers robust and reliable large character coding even within the harshest production environments. The ideal choice for high quality codes on porous or non-porous substrates such as PVC, outer cartons and trays, wood, metal, sacking and extrusion, the range also boasts a large ink capacity for minimum operator intervention and maximum uptime.

BarTender Software

The world’s most trusted barcode generator software. BarTender software enables businesses to improve security, efficiency and compliance in their labelling and barcoding processes. Create barcodes, design labels, automate your labelling, and more. With a large library of fonts, images and barcodes included in the software, you can create label designs that are compliant no matter where you’re exporting to.

Blank Thermal Labels

Whether you’re shipping a box, barcoding your inventory, or labelling a product, labels are crucial for identification. We are a leading national label manufacturer trusted by hundreds of Australian businesses for their labelling requirements, and produce labels that are resistant to heat, light, scuffing and chemicals – designed to last the life of your chemical product.

Industrial Thermal Printers

Industrial printers are designed for high volume label printing (500+ labels per day). They’re also ideally suited for tough operating environments, or if you require wider label widths, faster print speeds, continuous printing or higher print resolution. Choose from the best brands in the market including Honeywell, Zebra, and Datamax.

Print & Apply Labelling

Domino’s print and apply labelling systems are flexible, robust, and offer a high level of customisation as standard. Whether you require label application on the top, side, bottom, front, rear or corner of your cartons, or applied directly to your pallets, Domino’s automated labelling systems offer both high performance and GS1-compliant barcode assurance.

Custom Labels

Whether you’re a chemical manufacturer, importer, supplier or a business which uses hazardous chemicals, it is your responsibility to make sure those chemicals are accurately labelled. To comply with Australian Standards, all hazardous material labels must printed on specific materials, printed with particular inks and the correct adhesive used.

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