CBS Foodtech

CBS Foodtech aim to be the top choice for food manufacturers by providing innovative technology-driven solutions blending technology and industry expertise to enhance food manufacturing. CBS Foodtech's 25-member team is dedicated to culinary excellence, offering services like food processing, consumables, test kitchens, and consulting.

In an employment environment where staff turnover can be higher than desirable, this removal of barriers to use has been well received. Not only is it saving time, but it is also eliminating the specific product knowledge required to generate labels needed in the past.

Chris Atwood, General Manager, CBS Foodtech

The Challenge

The workflow at CBS Foodtech was troubled by a series of labour-intensive manual steps, with each adding to the complexity of the product management and labelling process. These steps ranged from locating the appropriate product templates to establishing connections with Microsoft's Excel database, handpicking specific prints, inputting essential information, and finally printing labels.

This cumbersome and time-consuming process resulted in a substantial drain on the company's resources, both in terms of labour hours and the need for a trained operator to oversee and manage these tasks. Errors in critical information like batch numbers, expiry dates, or non-conforming ingredient listings have the potential to result in the disposal of numerous mislabelled products.

With several manual steps within the process, there were also lots of potential for failure points. Specifically, those that required bolded allergen wording to comply with industry regulations for PEAL labelling.

As of February 2021, the Australian New Zealand Food Standards Code (the Code) was amended to introduce new requirements for the labelling of allergens in food (PEAL). CBS Foodtech found themselves in a predicament due to their reliance on manual processes, needing a resolution to their challenge in anticipation of upcoming industry regulations.

The Solution

By partnering with the BarTender Professional Services team, CBS Foodtech successfully connected Microsoft Dynamics with all their operating systems, resulting in a remarkable reduction in labelling time.

In CBS Foodtech’s instance, this process approximately took 4 weeks to implement into their existing technology architecture but provided instant results for their business that addressed various challenges in a modernized and streamlined manner.

The Results

With CBS Foodtech’s focus on a labelling solution that seamless integrated into their system, the business was able to continue servicing food manufacturers uninterrupted. This resulted in a valuable time reduction . For a job that typically consumed 20 to 30 minutes of one designated operator’s time to just 2 minutes by any team member by utilising the latest version of Bartender.

As a Seagull Scientific partner, insignia provides BarTender software along with a support hub including skilled technicians, support manuals, brochures and case studies. This support hub can help seamlessly integrate the software into business technology systems, ensuring no disruption to service.

To ensure CBS Foodtech's production runs efficiently without interruption, insignia provides a full service supplying custom printed labels, thermal ribbon, blank labels, and support for BarTender software.

Bartender has provided the missing automation link between our operators and our erp system and is providing 100% accurate and fully compliant labels day after day.

Chris Atwood, General Manager, CBS Foodtech