Squizify Digital Food Safety

Food compliance and accurate traceability of food products are essential ingredients for the restaurant and the foodservice industry. Without accurate recording of information, hospitality businesses would not retain their license to operate.

Squizify’s platform seamlessly covers the essential food safety and compliance requirements across all these diverse industries, presenting this data in an insightful, clear, and concise manner. This approach empowers venues and brands to enhance their operational standards significantly.

Daniel McDouall, Owner, Squizify

insignia and Squizify, experts in labeling, coding, and marking solutions, specialize in digital food safety and compliance software. Their industry-leading software digitizes compliance requirements for various venues, including hospitals, convenience stores, restaurants, aged care facilities, and childcare centers. The collaboration between insignia and Squizify leverages their expertise to minimize mislabeling, enhance freshness, eliminate errors, improve traceability, and save time and money for hospitality establishments.

With their combined expertise and industry experience, insignia and Squizify decrease the potential for mislabelling products, ensure freshness, eliminate human errors, improve food traceability, and ultimately save time and money for hospitality venues.

The Challenge

Monitoring critical food safety information such as food temperatures, expiry dates, and wastage are the cornerstone for accurate food safety, storage and management. So when product inspection and rotation is not managed correctly it can have serious implications for consumers and hospitality businesses. Therefore, the need to standardise, streamline and automate processes for designing, managing, and printing food monitoring labels has become increasingly critical for hospitality venues

With so many different employees producing food monitoring labels, there is no consistency in label information or formatting. This also means that restaurants and hospitality venues must create the same label multiple times for different products requiring a great deal of administration to maintain update labels.

A label is just one element of the food management recipe. Multiple management systems across multiple venues also means there is no centralized storage of information. All information is saved locally which also increases the risk of inconsistencies in labelling.

The Solution

Increasing complexity of information and manual resources required in the labelling process, and therefore high risk of error, have become so substantial in hospitality venues that transformation of operations is necessary. Squizify and insignia’s holistic labelling solution makes it easy for food service operators to manage their food storage and supplies rotation system.

Squizify’s digital label template solution helps support first-in-first-out (FIFO) rotation and storage management of prepared foods and ingredients by allowing labels to be 100 percent dynamically produced on demand.

Additionally, Squizify’s label management templates work with existing business systems. All material and order data is stored in a central database. Label templates are stored centrally in the Squizify software platform and can be accessed from any business location to allow each venue to replicate standardised labels or allow end users design their own labels.

Compatibility, performance and reliability were key factors in choosing a label printer to suit the diverse environments the printers would be subjected to. Chosen for its high-speed printing capabilities and connectivity options for both Windows and Android, the Zebra ZD410 ultra compact 2” thermal transfer printer produces accurate and consistent labels.

Additionally, to ensure complete traceability and no loss of information, freezer grade labels provide foodservice providers with the confidence their labels will adhere to stock containers even in the harshest cold and wet environments.

The Results

Standardised and centralised labelling afford hospitality venues greater quality assurance when it comes to labelling processes and achieving full compliance with regulatory requirements. Implementing an integrated software platform and labelling technology has realised a host of benefits for foodservice providers.

Squizify’s digitisation software accompanied by insignia’s labelling solutions assist hospitality venues to print standardised labels quickly and efficiently as well as meet regulatory food compliance benchmarks. Leveraging the benefits of an integrated software platform and labelling technology also means restaurant and foodservice suppliers can focus on the areas of their business that increase revenue.

One venue reported a saving of around 45 minutes "We love the fact that the labels are not only cost effective but also eco-friendly as they are biodegradable, benefiting both our business and the environment. We couldn't be happier with the results."

By implementing the collective solution, venues saved on average 38 minutes per day just on food labelling management – that’s over 2.5 hours of manhours per week! Additionally, venues saw increased capacity for alternative tasks, decreased labour costs to manage, and reduced the possibility of error virtually to zero. Standardising and centralising labelling has also raised the level of labelling compliance to near 100 percent and contributed to the effectiveness of venue food tracking systems.

The complexity of our software was met with excellence by insignia. Their remarkable support throughout this unique endeavour has been invaluable, guiding us through uncharted territory. insignia demonstrated a remarkable willingness to assist, making this project a true success. The outcome is a unique, bespoke code and solution that insignia supported despite it being an entirely new and uncharted territory for them. This cooperative effort has ultimately yielded a fantastic solution we can proudly present to the market.

Daniel McDouall, Owner, Squizify