Domino G20i Case Coder: A Simple to Configure and Install Coding Solutions

The Domino G20i Thermal Ink Jet printer provides a simple, single-sided carton
coding solution

Simple to install. Simple to configure. Simple to code.

A fit-and-forget printer which is easy to install, intuitive to use and ideally suited to meet the requirements for high resolution coding on outer cartons.

G20i in Action

Introducing the G20i


Assembling the G20i


Installing the G20i

G20i at a Glance

Simple to use

Line side control of the G20i is simple: you can connect either on a mobile device via an Android App, use the familiar wireless QWERTY keyboard or link to a PC to operate the printer. i-Tech features such as automatic cartridge detection, print parameter setting and ink level recording ensure simple, error-free operation.

Fit and forget

The G20i is quick and easy to install, with everything you need included in the pack. Best of all, no technical expertise is required. A service-free system, cartridge changes are simple; less than a 20 second operation without any technical skills or tools required.

Robust and reliable

High uptime and reliable code quality are achieved by a dynamic mounting bracket and print head guide plate that protect the printer and printhead from physical damage; all wear parts of the printer are contained within the consumable ink cartridge.

Low cost of ownership

Simple self-install does not require specialist installation engineers. The all-inclusive pack provides everything to get production lines up and running. The maintenance-free configuration has no need for service contracts. Cartridge change is simple, less than 20 second operation without any technical skills or tools.

Domino manufactured inks

Domino developed and manufactured inks deliver a high contrast print across a range of carton and board substrates. These inks are designed to work in harmony with the G20i providing perfect text, logos and barcodes on secondary packaging, shelf-ready display boxes and shipping cartons.

High quality print

The G20i delivers optimal print images in high resolution – up to 600x600dpi. With true black colour, great first prints even after long line stoppages and automatic setting of print parameters, coding with the G20i is simple and error free.

Compact and versatile

The very small footprint of the G20i means it is easily integrated within existing production lines. Remote control through a Bluetooth app helps meet tough space and access restrictions.

If you are looking for a single-sided carton coding solution that is flexible, easy to integrate into your production line and designed for high-res printing at fast line speeds with complete reliability, the G20i Thermal Inkjet printer can meet your needs.

Check out our Starter Packs - includes the Domino G20i coder, accessories and a complimentary ink cartridge.

G20i Starter Pack (includes complimentary water-based ink cartridge)

G20i Starter Pack (includes complimentary ethanol-based ink cartridge)

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About the G20i

Traceability and the visibility of goods throughout the supply chain have never been so important – and so too is the need to print this information on secondary and outer packaging. Coding equipment needs to be versatile and robust, enable quick message changeover, create high resolution print, and be easy to set up and use for an operator to ensure high quality, error-free codes on every package.

The Domino G20i is a compact, all in one, single-sided carton coder ideally suited to basic text, date codes and graphics on outer carton secondary packaging. It is designed for straightforward self-installation, set up and use without technical knowledge.

The Thermal Inkjet print head provides sharp, high resolution codes on a variety of substrates without ongoing maintenance or support requirements. Easy and clear message creation means operators can avoid potential errors and costly re-work, keeping your production line running.

Domino Developed Inks

Domino's specially designed inks have been optimised for great performance on outer carton applications, and are designed for a wide range of materials including carton, paper and many more. A cost-effective consumable, the low ink consumption and maintenance free operation deliver a low total cost of ownership, and print perfect codes – even after extended production line stops. Domino inks offer lasting quality, with adhesion and contrast ensuring excellent code clarity and durability throughout the supply chain.

Find out more about our G20i inks

Additional Resources

Below you can find a number of great resources to aid you in the set up and running of your G20i Case Coder.

G20i Kit Components

G20i Assembly

G20i Installation

G20i Configuration

G20i How to Adjust the Sensor

G20i Setting Expiry & Julian Date

G20i Creating a Custom String

G20i Case Coder Brochure

Intuitive to use, easy to install and ideally suited to high resolution coding on secondary packaging, shelf ready display boxes and outer packing cases.

Download Brochure

G20i Product Manual

This manual Domino is for use in the operation and maintenance of Domino G20i printers.

Download Manual

G20i Operator's Quick Reference Guide

A quick reference guide for G201 operators, covering areas such as hardware & ink cartridge installation, keyboard connection, and Bluetooth setup.

Download Guide

You can connect to the printer in three different ways:

  1. Through a Windows based connection to a PC
  2. Using the Bluetooth wireless keyboard included in the box
  3. With the Android application available to download on any Android (v4.0 or above) device.

There is space in the G20i memory for 3 fonts. You can change these fonts via the PC application.

The on board controller supports English (default), Simplified Chinese, French, German, Spanish, Russian, Portuguese, Korean, Polish and Vietnamese.

The Android app additionally supports Thai, Indonesian (Bahasa), Japanese.

Asian and Chinese characters can be downloaded using the PC connection.

The printer is not designed to work with Check Weigh applications.

The G20i is fully compliant to all health and electrical safety regulations and Bluetooth admitted in all countries where it is sold.

The printer is designed as a stand alone printer and is not intended to be networked.

TIJ stands for Thermal Ink Jet – a process where ink droplets are heated and as the ink expands it is ejected from the nozzle. This is a very accurate, fast and controllable technology.

Simply open the latch on the printer that holds the cartridge in place and remove any empty cartridge; then take the plastic protection clip off the new cartridge and slide the cartridge, electrical connectors facing down, nozzles facing forward into the slot; Ensure the cartridge is firmly located and close the latch. See the installation video to watch a cartridge being inserted.

The prints per cartridge depend on many factors including the size, complexity and font of the message being printed. The printer will give you an indication of the number of prints that can be made, based on each individual code created.

The printer is able to print a wide range of barcode types. For a good barcode quality the line speed needs to be consistent.

For lines which vary in speed an encoder is required.

The G20i is not supplied with an encoder; but industry standard encoders can be supplied and fitted by your supplier. Details on how to install an encoder can be found in the product manual.

The G20i is not supplied with an alert beacon, however these can be sourced from your supplier. Details on how to install a beacon can be found in the product manual.

Thermal Inkjet technology can print up to 600 x 600 dpi. For outer case coding applications image output of up to 300 x 300dpi is recommended.

Changing the language of the printer is an easy task from a menu option on the printer.

No, the printer does not have to be switched off, although the printing function should be stopped and restarted after the new cartridge is installed.

The printer can print at a maximum speed of 180m/min (590 ft/min) at 100 dpi horizontal resolution to 30m/min (98 ft/min) at 600 dpi horizontal resolution.

The maximum power output is 48W.

The maximum amount of fields and characters that can be added to one message is:

  • 20 logos per message
  • 6 lines with up to 150 characters per line
  • 6 counters
  • 2 clocks
  • 5 shift codes

The limit is 100 messages that can be stored on board the G20i.

Yes, one keyboard can be used for several G20i printers, but the matching dongle needs to be connected to the printer.

As each keyboard is matched to the bluetooth dongle that is supplied with the keyboard, the keyboard will only work with this dongle. To use the keyboard on another G20i printer the dongle will need to be plugged into the G20i printer.

The G20i printer can support over 110 different barcode types.

For the full list of supported barcodes please go to the product manual for the G20i.