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Keeping up with blooming demand through insignia's custom labelling solution

12 AUGUST 2020

Starting 14 years ago in a small commercial kitchen, Edible Blooms has branched in every major city around Australia and expanded internationally. How have they kept up with their growing demand? With a simple custom labelling solution.

Founded back in 2005 by sisters Kelly and Abbey, Edible Blooms was built from a humble wish - to make people happy with a gift like no other. Starting from a small commercial kitchen with an online store, Edible Blooms has ‘blossomed’ into every major city around Australia and internationally to locations in New Zealand, the UK and Switzerland.

Despite their exponential growth their motivation for why they do what they do remains as true as the day they started, delivering a memorable gift for a memorable moment. Whether celebrating a milestone, acknowledging kindness or making someone’s day with a spontaneous surprise, Edible Blooms have a gift for everyone and every occasion.

For seven years now insignia has been supplying Edible Blooms with a custom blank labelling solution for their ordering fulfillment process. Their label is made from a thermal transfer semi-gloss paper with a permanent hot melt adhesive, which provides an appealing, subtle gloss finish and is ideal for applications onto chilled surfaces.

The labelling solution consists of four labels of different shapes and sizes between perforations, known to them as a ‘pick slip’. This is comprised of an order summary label, an address label, and a customisable gift card and gift tin label.

Using this formatting allows them to print the four labels they require for each order without the need to change label rolls or use multiple printers, creating efficiency in their process. It also reduces the storage required if they had each type of label on separate rolls.

“We appreciate insignia taking the time to understand our business and recommending bespoke solutions for Edible Blooms.” – Amelia Bressington, Edible Blooms

To complete their labelling solution Edible Blooms also use a thermal transfer desktop printer and insignia wax/resin thermal ribbon, suitable for printing high quality barcodes and graphics.

“Using the thermal printing solutions recommended by insignia, we can now print our orders quickly and efficiently through our store network.”

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