Sovereign Hill

Sovereign Hill has been sharing the iconic story of Australia’s Gold Rush for almost 50 years through an immersive experience in their open-air museum. Find out how insignia has helped bring their brand to life through custom product labels on their lolly jars.

insignia has a very cost-effective label that suits our application and a team that works with us in designing and supplying the labels.

Jason Gibson, Confectionery Manager, Sovereign Hill

For nearly 50 years, Sovereign Hill has been sharing the story of the iconic Australian Gold Rush in Ballarat in the 1850s, with around 450,000 visitors descending on the open-air museum each year. As part of the experience, visitors can experience 19th century Ballarat firsthand and walk the main street; visit 1850s schools, hotels and theatres; pan for gold; and watch the confectioners produce the famous Brown’s Confectionery Raspberry Drops at the Confectionery Factory.

Brown’s Confectionery Manufactory was originally established in Dunolly in 1857 before relocating to Ballarat in the later half of the 19th century. In 1974, their equipment was transferred to Sovereign Hill where their confectionery has been produced for the past 45 years, along with an offsite facility which manages the bulk of production.

Today, Sovereign Hill produce Brown’s Confectionery onsite with live demonstrations using traditional equipment and relies on insignia to provide a flexible custom labelling solution for their lolly jar ranges. insignia is proud to support Australian manufacturers and is passionate about bringing the brands of their customers to life through custom printed labels.

The Solution

Sovereign Hill use a custom overprint label from insignia for each of their lolly varieties. Their label is produced from a thermal transfer paper stock which allows them to print variable data like jar weight and best before date onto the labels as required. It also provides a natural matte finish, which expresses the rustic feel of their brand, and provides scratch resistance and improved barcode readability.

insignia has been supplying Sovereign Hill with their lolly jar labels for nearly 10 years and are proud to help convey an integral part of Australia’s history.

We’ve had a great experience with the insignia team; they are friendly and always helpful and happy to go above and beyond to supply product on time.

Jason Gibson, Confectionery Manager, Sovereign Hill