Davies Chocolates

When New South Wales chocolatier Davies Chocolates faced reliability issues with their printing equipment, insignia provided a high-quality, versatile thermal printing solution that would help improve traceability and reduce their operational costs.

Since the implementation of insignia’s solution, we have seen the operational problems we previously faced disappear - the print quality has noticeably improved and the cost of ribbon has reduced as we are maximising ribbon utilisation.

Noel Kowald, Managing Director, Davies Chocolates

Sidney Davies always had a passion for making premium handmade chocolates and has been crafting these sweet treats since 1932. Over years of practice and perfecting he became a master of his craft, creating some of Australia’s most delicious fondants, hard centres, jellies and gingers coated with the finest chocolate.

From those humble beginnings the business expanded, developing a loyal customer base supplying golf clubs, bowling leagues, RSL clubs and country clubs in New South Wales. Soon enough Davies Chocolates became renowned as a supplier of high-quality, handmade chocolates.

Through steady growth and eventual acquisition by the Kowald family, Davies Chocolates has maintained their emphasis on quality and creating the unique recipes that have set them apart.

Understanding the importance of quality, they realised the risk they faced when the equipment printing their crucial product and traceability information onto their foil packaging was providing print limitations and reliability issues. Traceability is crucial for food manufacturers; without it they lack visibility and the ability to react quickly and efficiently in the event of an issue in the supply chain.

When insignia learnt of Davies Chocolates’ concern, we presented the Domino V320i Thermal Transfer Printer as a solution. The Domino V320i offers speed and versatility, ideal when printing high quality graphics or text onto flexible packaging like foils, films and labels.

The Solution

Domino’s V320i Thermal Transfer Printer is a highly versatile and economical solution that can be easily integrated into existing production environments. It delivers excellent ribbon economy with up to a 1.4km ribbon capacity, improving efficiency by reducing consumable changeover and provides the ability to print real time and variable data, high-quality 300dpi graphics, barcodes and text at unrivalled speeds.

The pre and post-sales support offered by insignia has been excellent. They ensured both the installation and implementation of the printer was painless and that we were left with the appropriate knowledge to be able to operate the machine.

Noel Kowald, Managing Director, Davies Chocolates