Gumnut Chocolates

Gumnut Chocolates has been providing high-quality handmade chocolates and biscuits for almost 40 years. However, with an ever-expanding and varied product line they needed a labelling solution that would grow with them, without breaking the bank.

We love the versatility of insignia’s overprint labels; we use them for everything from labelling our jars to sealing our polybags and chocolate boxes. They’re just such a good option for a small business like ours who have quite a varying range of products.

Ros Raine, Co-Owner, Gumnut Chocolates

For those of us with a sweet tooth, making chocolates and biscuits for a living would be a dream come true. For Bruce Allen, Gumnut owner and chocolatier, he’s made this dream his reality.

Bruce has had a long history with the food industry – he grew up in the family business of growing and wholesaling fresh produce at the Flemington Markets. After realising his passion for fine foods, Bruce established his own catering company with his wife Ros Raine, and so sparked the founding of Gumnut Chocolates.

Almost 40 years later and they are still delivering the same quality and passion as day one. Gumnut use the finest ingredients, layering textures and tastes to create exciting new flavours and expand their ever-growing product line.

Understanding the importance of quality, insignia supply Gumnut with branded overprint labels for their packaged biscuits and chocolates. With the varying range of products that Bruce and Ros produce they required a flexible, cost-effective solution that also conveyed their brand.

The Solution

insignia’s overprint labels allow Gumnut Chocolates to have the appeal of a prime label with the ability to print variable information such as product description and nutritional information, providing a cost-effective and flexible branded alternative to traditional prime labels.

Their labels are made from a thermal transfer paper stock with a permanent hot melt adhesive which delivers an appealing gloss finish and is ideal for applications onto chilled surfaces. They also have their labels set up two across on the roll so their front and back labels are side by side and can be printed at the same time, increasing efficiency.

The flexibility of the label also provides peace of mind for Gumnut, knowing that with their plans for future growth and expansion of their product range, they can quickly and easily update their labels without needing to invest in a new label design.

In combination with insignia’s overprint label Gumnut also use a Datamax O’Neil desktop printer with a premium thermal transfer ribbon and BarTender labelling software, from insignia to complete their labelling solution.

For us the main benefit is that the flexibility of our label design means it can grow with our business as we continue to expand our range, which will save us time and money in launching new products to market.

Ros Raine, Co-Owner, Gumnut Chocolates