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Custom Labels

We create unique labelling solutions to help Australian businesses identify, promote and bring their brands to life. We work directly and collaboratively with you to understand your situation and needs, and create a unique labelling solution tailored to add genuine value to your operations, and build your market competitiveness.


Distinguish, promote and protect your brand

Driven by impulse, consumers often make decisions based on a product's aesthetic appearance, or it's shelf appeal. Your brand is an important asset to protect, so having a product label that reflects your brands DNA, evokes a memorable, emotional response and is informative is essential.

With nearly 50 years experience in label converting our knowledgable team will work closely with you to fulfil your labelling vision and create a custom label that makes the best first impression and will bring your brand to life.

Our Technical Capabilities

Flexographic printing is globally recognised as the label industry's leading printing technology. Combining fast press speeds, excellent print quality and efficient plate and colour change regimen, Flexo ensures a flexible, efficient and cost-effective printing process. Each order requires less press time, which reduces costs and lead times for customers while providing outstanding image and colour integrity.

Spot Colour: While CMYK is suitable for reproducing millions of images there are certain colors that cannot be achieved using this process. Spot colour will help you achieve the perfect colour quality required, by using the Pantone Matching System (PMS) to mix specialty ink pigments and achieve an exact colour match. Spot colours can be used in addition to CMYK printer process to help aesthetically enhance your labels and achieve fluoro, metallic and particularly intense colours.

CMYK: CMYK or Four Colour Process technology is the industry standard means of transferring full colour artwork onto a substrate through a printing press. Using combinations of four- Cyan (C), Magenta (M), Yellow (Y) and Black (K) and incorporating half tone dots and solids- printers can achieve photographic quality reproduction and solid colours with maximum efficiency.

Surface coatings and laminates can add a glossier or more matt appearance and aesthetically enhance your label. In cases where moisture or scuffing can threaten the lift or performance of the label, a coating will protect the substrate and printed images. Common finishes include:

  • Laminate - Creates an excellent barrier to protect against scuffing or corrosion- available in both Matt and Gloss
  • UV Varnish - Creates a gloss effect and protects to a lesser degree.
  • Water Based Varnish - Used in specialty overprint applications.

Your labels can be supplied as:

  • Rolls of labels wound around cores. A range of core sizes are available to match your printer brand and model
  • Fanfold bundles. These are labels stacks with alternating folds, as opposed to being supplied on cores. Fanfold labels can be used where larger quantities are preferred to minimize the frequency of rolls changes.

A4 Sheet format which are cut so that each label or 'label-set' is on an individual sheet, and are often used when the labels are over-printed by a laser printer, rather than a thermal printer.


Country of Origin Labelling

The Country of Origin Labelling (CoOL) regulations are mandatory labelling reforms aimed to clearly show Australian consumers where a product has been made, grown or packaged.


Custom Product Labels (White Paper)

A colourful, product label is much more than a sticky piece of paper…it should identify, distinguish and promote your brand, bringing it to life!

This guide explains the different components that make up a custom, adhesive label, the variety of printing and finishing options available and explores some operational and lifespan factors that should be considered to ensure the best result.


We’ve helped 5,000+ companies innovate & improve operational efficiency

With an ever-expanding and varied product line, see how we helped gourmet chocolatier Gumnut Chocolates keep costs down with a versatile branded labelling solution.

Though an effective product label design, we helped Byron Bay Honey promote their 100% Australian-grown brand while ensuring compliance with Australian Country of Origin Labelling (CoOL) Standards.

Sovereign Hill has been sharing the iconic story of Australia’s Gold Rush for almost 50 years through an immersive experience in their open-air museum. Find out how we helped bring their brand to life through custom product labels on their lolly jars.


insignia Labelling Solutions

We have a long history of labelling converting. At our Brisbane and Melbourne production hubs, we convert blank labels and print high quality colour labels, with a focus on quality, consistency and value.


Custom prime and overprint label gallery

Sovereign Hill needed high-quality product labels to print variable data on for their custom lolly jar range. Designers worked closely with the customer to provide the added benefit of delivering an eye-catching branded label paired with the flexibility of printing variable product information in-house.

Byron Bay Honey required product label that promotes their 100% Australian-grown brand whilst still ensuring compliance with Australian Country of Origin Labelling Standards. The design of the pre-printed label upholds the familiar Byron Bay Honey brand with an appealing gloss finish and includes necessary information such as ingredients and nutritional information.

Gumnut Chocolates needed to print different information on their labels such as product description and nutritional information for their expanding product range of jars, poly bags and chocolate boxes. Introducing an overprint label enabled Gumnut to reduce their label inventory and improve production processes.

Lewis & Son's product range required a more flexible approach to label printing in-house. Introducing a pre-designed template label enabled Lewis & Son to have this flexibility and reduce label product lines as needed whilst maintaining their brand.

Guzman Y Gomez required their signature yellow branding to be used for their primary labels for customer facing products. The use of a yellow overprint label serves essential functions such as their instore and delivery ranges whilst preserving brand identity.

insignia delivered Australian Pet Brands with a suite custom printed labels that help accurately show the real ingredients in their pet foods. The labels also feature vibrant visuals on customer facing products that encourage customers to pick up the product from supermarket shelves.

Sanitarium offers a varied product range, from peanut butter to liquid breakfast drinks. The custom printed label design encourages consumers to select their products from the supermarket shelf and provides relevant informative nutritional information.

Australia Post need fit-for-purpose custom printed labels to help customers track and locate their parcels. The prime label helps the postal service provide precise details and convenience to ensure timely delivery or pickup of parcels for customers.

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