Own the latest CIJ technology and receive interest-free finance and all-inclusive warranty for 5 years.

Eliminate the financial stress associated with purchasing new coding technology, with flexible finance designed for your Op-Ex budget. The option that allows you to lease the latest, state-of-the-art Domino printers.

Domino Relax coming soon

In the meantime, check out our other Domino services available for CIJ printers:

Domino ITM4 at a Glance

We understand that eliminating downtime on the production line is crucial. That's what we also include our 5 year SafeGuard warranty as part of the package, which includes preventative maintenance, parts & labour, remote diagnostics and Helpdesk support for a fast fix of problems, eliminating unexpected downtime and increasing OEE.

Quality: Install class leading CIJ technology onto your production line at an affordable price.

Affordability: Acquire and run your Ax-Series through operational expenditure with annual installments instead of capital, making budgeting and approvals easy.

Peace of Mind: Comprehensive service ensures maximum uptime. Regular servicing, spare parts, emergency technical support and remote diagnostics are all included.

Reliability: Maximise uptime and increase production efficiency with training from insignia trained technicians and operators.

Upgradability: At the end of the contract, your coding technology can be upgraded without capital expense.

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