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Datamax-O'Neil - Label and Receipt Printing Solutions

Datamax-O'Neil has proudly manufactured well over 1 million printers worldwide, and with a guiding principle of 'Right by our customers' promises to continually meet and exceed the expectation of its' customers. Well-known for their robust and flexible product range, Datamax-O'Neil products feature solid die cast alloy framing, cog driven drive system and plug and play option modularity.

In keeping the customer at mind first and foremost, products are built for ease of use, with colour coded parts on all machines which the user can touch (an error proof process that cannot fail).

Why Datamax-O'Neil?

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Datamax-O'Neil's Desktop Label Printer

Datamax-O'Neil's robust E-Class Desktop Label Printer

E-Class Desktop Series

Datamax-O'Neil is known for its range of compact, highly economical desktop label printers, providing cost effective barcodes with improved print quality. Easy to use, they are designed to fit into tight areas where space is limited. If you require label or tag printing on a limited budget, in a smaller space, then Datamax-O'Neil's desktop label printers are the right choice.

Designed for a wide range of industries and applications, the E-Class range of Datamax-O'Neil printers provide value for money; as well as additional features and reliability usually found in more expensive printers. The E-Class is an entry level printer that is easy to use, easy to load and well designed.

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insignia's Range of Datamax-O'Neil Industrial Label Printers

Versatile and durable range of Industrial Label Printers

Datamax-O'Neil's Mid-Industrial Label Printers offer a range of models for a variety of applications. Designed for users that need a mid to high volume of label printing each day, mid-industrial printers offer affordable and fast printing to suit a range of environments.

Standing up to the conditions of a true industrial, fast paced environment, Datamax-O'Neil Industrial Label Printers are built for continuous printing at higher speeds than mid-range or desktop label printers. The printers in this range have been designed for the toughest of environments and have won awards for their designs.

M-Class Mid-Industrial Series

The M-Class range from Datamax-O'Neil has been forever known as the most reliable mid-industrial label printer on the market. The most noticeable feature of the M-Class is its modular design, easily allowing maintenance and part replacement by the user without ordering a technical service visit.

I-Class Industrial Series

The I-Class range by Datamax-O'Neil provided the industry with a not-yet-seen longevity, outlasting competitor printers with similar printer ranges. Datamax-O'Neil have recently bought out the second generation of the I-Class range, which offers a number of improved features, including increased memory, performance and value.

H-Class High-Industrial Series

A step-up from the capacity of the I-Class range, the H-Class range of Industrial Label Printers from Datamax-O'Neil is ideal for higher volume label printing in a range of manufacturing, warehouse, transportation and high-resolution labelling. Reducing the cost of ownership, Datamax-O'Neil has built this printer with a gear driven design, improving the rugged and reliable performance for 24/7 mission-critical applications.

insignia's Range of Datamax-O'Neil Mobile Printers

Reliable and high performing range of Mobile Label and Receipt Printers

Datamax-O'Neil Mobile Label Printers

Portable Label Printers are a great choice for mobility, and when it's important to choose a printer that is lightweight, durable and meets the requirements for retail, mobile, POS, hospitality, medical and pharmaceutical and mobile printing applications – Datamax-O'Neil has a diverse range of printers to suit specific requirements. Requiring no ribbon, Datamax-O'Neil's thermal direct mobile label printers are easy to use and compact.

OC3 Range

Ideal for printing label media from 1 to 3 inches wide, the OC3 range from Datamax-O'Neil has been designed to suit the requirements of the retail, medical and pharmaceutical, and transport and logistics industries. With simple charging options and compatible with a wide range of media options, the OC3 is a widely chosen range for a number of industries.

RL4 Range

The RL4 is the most rugged of Datamax-O'Neil's mobile label printer ranges, and the first of its' kind to produce from 1 to 4 inch labels, a standard size used in most warehouse and logistics operations. With a range of connectivity options, the RL4 connects wirelessly to your network making integration easy. Reducing error in labelling applications where mobility is required to improve efficiencies, the RL4 stands up to the test time again – especially in rough warehouse environments.

LP3 Range

The LP3 range of mobile label printers from Datamax-O'Neil delivers a high-volume output of labels with a range of standard features – such as wireless connectivity options, long battery life and greater paper capacity. Offering twice the media capacity and twice the power capacity when compared to other barcode printers, the LP3 range accommodates a variety of label media and prints from 1 to 3 inch direct thermal labels.

Reliable and high-performing mobile receipt printers from Datamax-O'Neil

Datamax-O'Neil Mobile Receipt Printers

The range of mobile receipt printers from Datamax-O'Neil are ultra-rugged – built for drops, spills, and bouncing. Mobile receipt printers are used for a variety of applications, including route accounting, direct store delivery and field service mobility, where the ideal solution needs to be packed with features for quality printed receipts on the go.

2te Range

Dubbed the industry's smallest printer, this 2 inch wireless mobile receipt printer is up to 33% smaller than its nearest competitor. Whilst small, it still withstands the most punishing of abuse, making it the smallest, and most durable 2 inch label printer on the market.

PrintPad Range

Datamax-O'Neil offers the PrintPAD range of mobile receipt printers in a format where the convenience of a portable 4-inch thermal printer and a mobile computer is necessary to be combined. Designed for use with a variety of Motorola, Intermec, and Honeywell mobile computers, the design of the PrintPAD allows users to carry, charge and communicate in a single integrated package.

4te Range

This mobile receipt printer has stood the toughest of tests, even being dropped 6 feet onto concrete. Printing 4 inch receipts, proof of deliveries, labels and invoices, the 4te range of mobile receipt printers from Datamax-O'Neil comes equipped with greater memory, and has wireless and Bluetooth capabilities.