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Are you with Windows? Here's what you need to know

  • Microsoft is phasing out support of their Windows Embedded Operating Systems (OS) in 2020
  • Windows users will no longer receive automatic fixes, updates or security updates, increasing the risk of a security breach
  • A broader choice of OS solutions are emerging, as consumer-focused industry giants such as Android by Google move into
    the enterprise market
  • The release of next-generation enterprise mobility devices delivers a step change in operator productivity and usability

This article explores the three technology changes underpinning the revolution, highlights the advantages of migrating to an
Android OS and provides recommendations for next-generation Zebra enterprise mobility devices.

Windows End of Support

For over a decade, 99% of the industry used Windows OS as their primary operating platform for enterprise devices. As a result, Windows is relied upon for approximately $5 billion USD in enterprise application investments worldwide.

A major shift is occurring within the mobile OS landscape. Microsoft recently announced their plans to exit the enterprise device market, ending support for all existing Windows OS enterprise devices in 2020. Meaning that by the time Microsoft reaches the end of support date, 77% of enterprise devices on the market will no longer be supported. The consequence of this is that businesses now have little choice but to migrate to an alternative OS and modify their applications by 2020.

Switching to a new OS platform before 2020 not only helps to future-proof a business's investment in mobilising their workforce through intelligent devices, but also gives the business the best chance for a seamless transition.

Android: An Enterprise Ready Platform

In its prime, Microsoft's Windows OS platform captured 99% of the market share. Although as Windows prepares to end support for enterprise devices, other brands within the market are now vying for this position.

Android in particular is gaining strong ground, currently capturing 29% of the overall rugged device market. With a 10% increase since 2015 and a 48% growth year on year – there is no sign of slowing down.

Android OS provides many productivity-enhancing benefits, including improved interoperability, operator efficiency gains and enhanced user experience from a familiar user interface. Zebra for Android adds an extra layer of security and strength that makes it a practical and dependable mobile operating system for the workplace.

Additionally, Zebra's exclusive range of software is designed to add additional enterprise features to your Android OS and ensure your next-generation devices are enterprise ready for any application.

Zebra's Mobility DNA software is a genetic code that transforms Android for enterprise use by enriching devices with distinct enterprise capabilities, resulting in improved deployment management, faster troubleshooting and optimal uptime. The addition of Mobility Extensions (Mx) software provides an extra layer of enterprise-class security functions and are built into next-generation Zebra mobile devices as standard.

Even in the most demanding enterprise environments, your data is encrypted and secure with Zebra's exclusive built-in Mx security technology. Zebra's Mobility DNA provides further protection such as automatic lock-down in the event of theft or misuse.

Regardless of spills, heat or cold, Zebra's enterprise-class mobility devices are equipped with legendary durability compared to consumer devices. Zebra's Mobility DNA adds an extra level of durability in terms of rock solid connectivity and apps. Zebra's enterprise devices are designed to withstand even the most challenging environments.

Android is a popular consumer operating system for its simple user interface, meaning that mobile devices using an Android OS are on par with smartphone usability. A familiar interface means it's now quicker and easier to train new staff, deploy new devices, and eliminate communication barriers.

Zebra's Mobility DNA provides the industry's most comprehensive suite of enterprise-class management, business and productivity tools, enabling full customisation of Android in line with the needs of your business.

Android is an easy platform to develop on and as a result is supported by a large development community. The benefit of this is that apps can be built and developed easily as it's a very common platform for a wide range of applications.

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Next Generation Mobile Devices

Mobile devices have rapidly evolved since first emerging within the market over a decade ago. Next-generation Zebra enterprise mobile devices are equipped with superior manageability, advanced device ergonomics and a built-in Android operating system as standard. The intuitive interface of these devices is on par with smartphone usability, reducing training times and empowering users to work smarter and faster for optimum uptime.

Zebra TC8000
Mobile Touch Computer

The ergonomic TC8000 mobile computer boasts an extensive list of productivity-enhancing features, designed to streamline processes. Increasing productivity by 14%, the TC8000 adds an extra hour of productivity per worker, per workday. The innovative screen eliminates the 'tilt and verify' motion, increasing efficiency on each scan.

  • 33% lighter than traditional models to reduce muscle fatigue
  • Type up to 40% faster with 60% fewer errors compared to traditional push keyboards
  • Rugged TC8000 withstands multiple 2.4m drops onto concrete
  • Scan barcodes from 7.62cm to 21.4m
  • Central processing unit Dual Core 1.7GHz processer
  • Extensive range of accessories available
  • Ideal in warehousing, logistics and manufacturing

Zebra TC51
Mobile Touch Computer

The Zebra TC51/TC56 is a rugged mobile touch computer with the look and feel of a consumer-style smart phone. Packed with exclusive Zebra enterprise-class features, delivering unmatched processing power and security and manageability for your business requirements. The TC51/TC56 is a touch computer that is truly in a class of its own.

  • Both Wi-Fi enabled (TC51) & Wi-Fi and 4G enabled devices (TC56) ensures fast and dependable wireless connections
  • Active Edge Touch Zone for one-touch access to frequently-used features and applications
  • PowerPrecision+ battery provides best-in-class power to support
  • 13MP Camera for ultra-high resolution photos
  • Supports Android Marshmallow
  • Unsurpassed security with Zebra's Mobility Extensions (Mx)
  • Ideal in logistics, field service and retail based applications

Zebra WT6000
Wearable Terminal Series

Introducing the next generation in industrial wearable computers. The WT6000 Terminal Series streamlines warehouse and package handling functions and reduces errors associated with handling paper or handheld mobile devices. Achieve maximum comfort, durability and error-proof productivity with the WT6000.

  • Pair with RS6000 ring scanner for hands-free flexibility to capture 1D and 2D barcodes on the go
  • Ideal for challenging environments and designed to withstand dust, water and cold
  • Rugged design can withstand 4ft drop and 1000 tumbles
  • Supports Android Lollipop 5.1
  • Hardened touchscreen improves display lifecycle and virtually impervious to scratches
  • Wearable straps provide superior comfort, hygiene and safety
  • Ideal in warehousing, transport & logistics, retail and manufacturing environments.


Productivity improvements from the use of advanced operating systems, devices and purpose-built software.


Efficiency gains from updating internal processes to eliminate waste and
reduce task complexity.


Accuracy improvements with advanced data collection capabilities that reduce error associated costs.