Thermal Inkjet Inks

Quality coding and high productivity are achieved through Domino's Thermal Inkjet (TIJ) inks. Developed in compliance with the highest industry standards, Domino's inks are rigorously tested to ensure the highest levels of reliability, dependability and consistency for your coding needs.

Domino have developed two TIJ inks to be used in conjunction with the G20i outer case coder. TIJBK640 is a water-based black ink designed for coding onto cardboard including data matrix coding, and TIJBK140 is an ethanol-based black ink, developed for coding into non-porous substrates such as glossy surfaces, foils, wrappers and blister packs.

Not sure which type of ink you need? Our experts have shared some advice to help you choose ink compatible with your material's substrate.

Water vs Ethanol

Both types of TIJ inks offer different benefits, and are each compatible with a wide range of surfaces. Domino's water-based TIJBK640 delivers rapid drying time with high print contrast on carton board, while the ethanol-based TIJBK140 provides excellent coding results on non-porous substrates such as gloss cartons and confectionery wrappers.

There are a number of key factors to consider when choosing your ink type, including the ink basis, suitability, adherence, dry time, contrast and required prints per cartridge. Below is an overview of the vital characteristics of the water and ethanol-based G20i inks to help guide you in selecting a compatible ink cartridge for your G20i coder.

Benefits of TIJ Inks

Sharp and Clear

Rapid dry times and superior contrast produces clear, precise and high-contrast codes for superb legibility and barcode readability.

Perfect Prints Every TIme

Ink qualities such as long stand-open-time ensure our inks product perfect codes in interrupted or continuous production lines at every possible speed. No matter the circumstance, Domino's formulated inks are suitable for your application.

Durable and Lightfast

Domino specialist inks give outstanding, independently-verified lightfastness, great adhesion, and high resistance, enabling you to produce codes that last throughout the life of the product.

Consistent Quality

Ink cartridge and i-Tech features have all been developed to create a printing system that guarantees consistent print quality throughout the life of the cartridge.