ROI & Advantages of Mobility in the Warehouse

In the age of e-commerce and the ‘I want it now’ consumer attitude, the definition of the warehouse has had to adapt to keep up with the increase in demand. Consumers are wanting orders delivered faster, with 70% of consumers expecting their goods within 4 days and with 100% accuracy.

A warehouse is no longer just a storage facility for goods but has shifted primary focus towards distribution. The priority is ensuring items are in stock, so they can be distributed quickly and efficiently to the customer with near to no room for error. Upgrading conventional desktop printers to mobile technology can make processes leaner and more streamlined, tackling the two major consumer demands.

Warehouse for faster supply and better quality

Faster supply

From a warehousing perspective, the main factor that can prolong the time it takes a customer to receive their goods, is the time it takes to pick and pack the order. Having a streamlined process is a good start to ensure efficiency and quicker supply to the customer. However, if staff are having to go back and forth in the warehouse to a central location to print and collect labels it creates a lot of wasted time. It can also lower staff morale as the action takes longer than it should and becomes a tedious task.

The use of mobile label printers can reduce time-in-motion and consequently the time it takes to pick and pack the goods. The quicker staff can complete their tasks means you will get more output for the same amount of time and in turn increase staff morale. It also means a reduction in label errors caused by double-handling, with just-in-time labelling as the items are picked.

Quality of supply

If consumers are already wanting faster supply, they definitely wouldn’t have the time to have items incorrect or missing when they receive their delivery. Consumers have become very time poor and they can come to rely on an accurate delivery. By the time you resolve the issue or ship a replacement order, they probably need it yesterday, and it has cost you more in transport, labour and written-off stock. These issues can become very common if the root cause of the problem is not identified and just put down as human error.

Scanning barcodes is a way of error-proofing and ensuring 100% accuracy of the items being picked. The use of mobile scanning in the picking process can confirm every item should be getting scanned, reducing the chance for error. It can also identify any incorrect labelling or items packed in the wrong location. Ultimately, when you reduce error it minimises the amount of returns or write-offs which in turn saves you time and money. 


Implementing mobility solutions can have a positive impact in all aspects of distribution; from day-to-day operations to customer experience. Constructing a streamlined process, mobile printing and scanning can reduce time-in-motion, double-handling and unnecessary errors. In turn, unnecessary labour, transport and write-off expenses will be diminished, output increased, and staff morale enhanced. With all elements combined, mobility solutions can lead to a better customer experience providing a quicker and more accurate supply.

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