New Software Update from BarTender

Have you upgraded to BarTender 10.1?

BarTender has released its latest version of their world-leading barcoding software, and version 10.1 is packed full of new features as well as upgraded levels of support for existing features. The Microsoft-certified program also features a redesigned user interface, with larger, more user-friendly icons which will enhance the user's design experience.

Why Choose BarTender?

BarTender has the flexibility to design just about any barcode and label standard, and comes with over 400 pre-formatted ready-to-use barcode components which means that you can use current templates or design brand new ones, depending on business requirements.

Easier to Align Objects

A key improvement with 10.1 is the refinement of the aligning features; objects can be aligned with each other simply by moving one of the objects, with the assistance of temporary guide lines to ensure accurate positioning of all elements on the template.

More Barcodes Available

Extra support has been added for the latest global barcode standards, including iQR Code, Hax Xin, Grid Matrix, and DotCode. A new feature in 10.1 is the introduction of circular barcodes, which can be configured to print as a full circle, semi-circle, or any arc length. This feature is ideal for CD and DVD labelling, especially for general labelling purposes or inventory management.

More Design Features and Flexibility

With extra new design features including the ability to view barcode quiet zones, edit and format embedded images directly in BarTender, and the addition of extra check digit algorithms, the new version of BarTender makes it easier than ever to quickly create GS1 barcoding standard-approved professional labels.

New Layering Capability

A new feature introduced in the Automation and Enterprise Automation Editions is the layer design feature. Using layers, users can quickly and easily structure complex template designs and use advanced security features to restrict users from modifying sections of the template design.

Time to Upgrade?

As a Certified BarTender Partner, insignia can provide the best solution to suit your unique requirements. If you would like to upgrade your software online, please click here to check out our range in our Online Store. Alternatively, if you'd like to speak with one of our BarTender Product Specialists to learn more about the software upgrade, please contact the team on 1300 467 446 or at