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Thermal Transfer Ribbon

Our quality Thermal Transfer Ribbons are designed to bring out the best in your printer and prolong the life of your printhead. Our thermal printing and labelling experts can help you match an appropriate ribbon to your label material or application, as well as providing advice on the correct label printer temperature and print-speed settings.


Thermal Transfer Ribbon 

Thermal transfer technology uses a heat-sensitive carbon ribbon, which gets melted onto the label when heat is applied through the thermal printhead. It delivers a permanent, crisp print, ideal for long-life product labelling and labels that are exposed to direct sunlight, heat or outdoor conditions. 

We stock three different formulations of ribbon including wax, resin and wax/resin depending on if you need to make your label more economical, durable or provide a more detailed print. All insignia ribbons are designed to meet strict quality specifications and have a unique coating on the back of the ribbon to protect your printhead. Find out more about our range of ribbons below or shop now.

Ink Formulations


Economy & Quality

Wax ribbons are suitable for general purpose printing on paper stocks, making it for ideal carton labelling applications. The high ratio of wax in the formulation means these ribbons have a lower melt point, so a lower heat setting can be used on the printer and high print speeds are achievable. Wax ribbons are the most economical ribbon.


Performance & Versatility

Wax/Resin ribbons provide a finer image on very smooth or coated and gloss paper labels and some synthetic stocks (e.g. polypropylene, polyethylene, polyolefin). The printed image is more durable than wax, ensuring excellent resistance to scuffing or rubbing which can be a common problem for freight.


Resistance & Durability

Full resin ribbons provide excellent performance with a sharp clear print and higher print speeds, together with outstanding resistance to smudge and scratch in harsh conditions (high temperatures, corrosive or UV applications). They are suitable for a wide range of materials including synthetic and specialty label stocks.

Thermal Ribbon Range

Choosing the right ribbon for your printer

Thermal Ribbon rolls are available with the carbon-side (ink side) facing in or carbon facing out. Different printer makes and models will specify which style of ribbon they require. Also, the roll length of the ribbon (outer diameter of the roll) must also suit the printer model.

Printer Brand Model Carbon Side IN Carbon Side OUT
Zebra All   Y
Datamax-O'Neil Since 2010 Y Y
Pre-2010 models Y  
Honeywell PC Range   Y
RM Range Y Y
Bixolon All   Y
Intermec PC Range   Y
PD, PM, PX Ranges Y Y
Carl Valentin Micro & Pica   Y
Bita, Compa, Spectra & Duo Print Y Y


Which Thermal Transfer Ribbon is right for you?

We understand trying to choose the right ribbon for your labelling application might be confusing, so we got our thermal printing experts to answer the most frequently asked questions we get on thermal transfer printing.


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