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Mobility Support

Whether you require a wearable device that's rugged and heavy duty for your busy warehouse or a reliable and lightweight mobile computer for your retail floor, insignia has a range of mobility solutions to meet your business needs. Our mobility support hub contains frequently asked questions, a range of videos, and resources including a white paper on wearable devices.

General Mobility Support FAQs

  1. What types of mobile computers are available at insignia?

    The main types of mobile computers we have are handheld, wearables and vehicle-mounted computers. Find out more about our range here.

  2. Does my mobile computer come pre-loaded with software?

    A mobile computer comes loaded with an Operating System (Android / Windows) the same as any other computer or phone. There will be some basic programs or Apps loaded, and the Manufacturer may include some extras such as terminal emulation, however to perform Stocktaking and inventory management tasks additional software would need to be engaged.

  3. How does my mobile computer communicate to my system?

    Typically there are two types of communication options for Mobile Computers, these include via a wireless network or a 3G/4G card. Typically the wireless network is used for inside four walls (usually within a warehouse). 3G/4G communication allows the device to be used as a phone using a SIM card operating through a telecommunications provider.

  4. What does 802.11a/b/g/n meant?

    802.11 is the wiresless networking standard with the letter following this standard indicating its maximum speed and transmission capabilities.

    Name Speed Indoor Range Frequency Released
    802.11ac 1 Gbps 115 feet 5 GHz


    802.11n 300 Mbps 230 feet 2.5 GHz, 5 GHz 2009
    802. 11g 54 Mbps 125 feet 2.4 GHz 2003
    802.11b 11 Mpbs 115 feet 2.4 GHz 1999


  5. Do mobile computers have scanners built in?

    Yes, most enterprise mobile computers have built in barcode scanners and have the option to be 1D or 2D scanners. Some Mobile computers also have camera’s built in (like a smartphone would have). The advantage of this is that the mobile computer can take and store photos.