Laser Coding and Marking Range

Domino Laser Coding and Marking Systems

Domino has been manufacturing lasers for over 20 years and offer state-of-the-art laser coding systems.

Laser technology gives you the fastest code times compared to other coding systems. It is environmentally-friendly and highly cost effective, so you can be confident of a good return on investment due to its low maintenance and no fluid consumables.

Domino lasers stand apart from the competition with their robust yet compact design, modularity and flexibility of integration. They offer a wide range of variations while keeping the parts count low for good ongoing supportability.

Range Details

D Series - CO2 Laser Range

The Domino D-Series Laser utilizes CO2 technology to code onto a variety of materials including card, paper, glass and PET. You can choose to house it within a standard dust proof rated case or full wash down IP55 rated case for harsher environments. The D-Series Laser range boasts a modular, flexible design, which makes integration easy and quick connect cabling for hot-swap requirements.

Domino D120i CO2 Laser Coder

Domino D120i is a 10W, entry level laser which is highly modular, robust and can be mounted easily as a standalone unit or integrated into a host machine. The D120i is ideal for coding onto PET, card, paper and even glass.

  • Highly modular, flexible design
  • Quick connect cabling

Domino D320i CO2 Laser Coder

As the highest selling CO2 laser in Australia, Domino's D320i lives up to is promise of performance, efficiency and reliability. Its 30W tube easily codes onto PET, glass, PE and HDPE and many more substrates. The D320i produces codes at very fast speeds and boasts the widest coding window in the industry (452mm wide window).

  • Highly modular design
  • Widest mark window available (452mm wide window)
  • Quick connect cabling

Domino D620i Laser Coder

Domino D620i 60W laser is the premier CO2 laser coder available on the market today. With its powerful 60W tube, it codes at extremely fast speeds and reliably marks substrates other CO2 lasers cannot, such as hardened glass, some metals as well as softer substrates such as plastics and paper.

  • Fastest code speeds
  • Widest mark window available (452mm wide window)
  • Quick connect cabling

Domino F220i Laser Coder

F Series - Fibre Laser Range

The Domino F-Series utilises fibre scribe laser technology. This type of laser is used for HDPE, metals and many other substrates. The unit has a very fine spot and the wavelength can be adjusted to cause different effects on the substrate where as more traditional lasers will etch. The print speeds are amazingly fast and Domino fibre lasers achieve speeds that other lasers cannot.

Domino F720i Fibre Laser Coder

The F720i fibre laser applies high-quality, permanent codes at unmatched production speeds in harsh beverage manufacturing environments.

The F720i is designed to meet high-speed coding demands of the beverage canning sector, delivering legible and durable codes on aluminium cans in challenging environments with ease.

  • Applies standard codes at a rate of 90,000 cans per hour
  • Lowest impact on OEE for the beverage canning industry
  • High resolution codes and exceptional productivity on concave surfaces

Find out more about the F720i

Domino F220i Fibre Laser Coder

Domino F220i is the flagship fibre laser from Domino. Years of research and testing have resulted in one of the smallest, modular and versatile lasers in the market. The unit is build to slot into a production line easily and has an expected life of 100,000 hours running time to ensure high uptime

  • Codes onto wide variety of substrates including metal
  • Compact design, small footprint
  • Long life 100,000 hrs
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