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BarTender Barcoding Software

BarTender software helps businesses of all sizes to improve security, efficiency and compliance in their labelling and barcoding processes. Create labels, create barcodes, create RFID tags, automate your labelling and much more.


The world's most trusted Barcode Generator Software

BarTender comes standard with a large library of fonts, images and barcodes from all over the world to help you create unique label designs that are compliant no matter where you're exporting to. Enjoy the peace of mind that your barcodes will be compliant to global GS1 standards, as all editions of BarTender are GS1 certified.


Streamline your supply chain

  • Barcode design and printing for almost anything, including packing slips and pallet labels.
  • Easily enter print-time information with customizable data-entry forms and Consolidate label formats with Intelligent TemplatesTM.
  • Label making software that lets you print from any operating system, device or web browser.
  • Create sophisticated applications and print automatically from Web services requests, data transactions, SDK requests and more.
  • Labeling that centrally controls, secures your entire labeling system, monitors print status in real time and provides detailed history of system usage. 
  • Easily integrate with SAP and Oracle using BarTender label making software.

Mobile control of labelling eliminates time wasted trekking to a printing station. Gain the cost efficiencies and accuracy of printing the right label / list / tag / on the spot.


In-field service drivers or technicians traveling with small footprint portable printers can print the most up-to-date labels on-demand at remote locations — cascade labeling changes throughout their operations in an instant for accuracy and compliance.


Printing shelf labels, online order tags and signage — when and where you need them — saves hours each week so your employees can work on other tasks, and reduces waste of pre-printed label media.


Barcoding software for every type of business

BarTender is easy to use and easy to integrate with existing databases. It is available in four editions to cater for every business size, allowing you to easily upgrade as your business grows – without the extra cost and complexity of add-on products.

Starter Edition

Easy design and fast printing of barcodes and labels, including ready-to-use templates and a comprehensive help system.

Professional Edition

Print from spreadsheets and databases, create forms and encode RFID tags and smart cards. Ideal for departments & small businesses.

Automation Edition

Build powerful automated printing solutions that integrate with existing systems. Also includes 24/7 Technical Live Support access.

Enterprise Edition

Manage, secure and control entire enterprise label systems. Ideal for businesses with multiple sites or in heavily regulated industries.


Try before you buy

You can download a free 30-day trial of BarTender and access BarTender 2022's Intelligent Templates, create label designs and barcodes with ease, plus more.

The free 30-day trial is available directly through BarTender's owner Seagull Scientific and will require your email address.


Save Steps, Save Money


Print the exact right label, at the exact right time, to any connected printer

  • Automatically discover any Bluetooth or IP-connected network printer:
    • Improves printing experience of docs, barcode labels and RFID tags without manual configuration vs. web-based printing
  • Maintain mission-critical security:
    • Layered to keep system locked down and safe
    • User and group authentication included in the Enterprise Edition
  • Centralised label template management:
    • Users access most up-to-date versions
    • Ensure accuracy, reduce label waste and save recall-associated costs
  • Print at source of work:
    • Reduce steps
    • Use forms to predefine options for workers - data to print, messages and weblinks
  • Driverless printing: No drivers on server = more flexibility; print to PDF included. 


Ongoing support for BarTender

Installing new software can be daunting but with the right specialists guiding you, it's easy. When you buy BarTender from insignia, you have the added benefit of having our dedicated Technical Support team on hand for free basic support on:

  • How to create barcodes and data fields within a label format
  • How to streamline label production by linking a database to a label format
  • How to set up a data entry form
  • How to set the size of a label template to match your label stock
  • How to add a printer to an existing printer license
  • Industry specific applications and compliant barcode standards.

BarTender Annual Maintenance and Support

Whether you’re running a small business or supporting a multinational enterprise, your company’s success depends on access to the latest software innovations and high-quality support. BarTender Maintenance and Support ensures that you get the most out of your software investment. All new BarTender licenses include 12 months standard software maintenance and support.

Your maintenance entitlement provides you with access to the following benefits for the duration of your maintenance term:

  • Free Version Updates: access the latest version of your software as soon as it is released for no additional cost.
  • Online Live Support: access to live support with Technical Support staff over the phone and online chat.
  • Edition and Printer Upgrades: expand your BarTender system as your business grows by adding printers or upgrading to more powerful editions.


BarTender Professional Services

Do you need a labelling software that seamlessly integrates with your existing ERP platform? Our Technical Support team are experts with that and can assist with:

  • BarTender software installation and set up, including:
    • Custom label template design and creation
    • Database integration with Microsoft Excel, Access, and SQL
    • Serial Shipping Container Codes (SSCC) label template creation and compliance
    • Installation and activation of the software, licence servers and printer drivers
  • Introductory and in-depth product training
  • Enterprise configuration and usage best practice
  • Programming, coding, and integrations with third party ERP software
  • Project management to assist with transitioning from your existing labelling platform.

Our Technical Support team are here to help you implement your print solutions and ensure you get the most out of your software investment. Buy and use BarTender with confidence, knowing our team of experts are ready to assist you prior to and after the purchase of your identification software solution.

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Enquire now

Ready to upgrade? We're here to help

We can assist you with upgrading your current version of BarTender to version 2022. Our Technical Help Desk team can also provide additional support in helping you to create an update plan to cover your BarTender installation to ensure all existing documents, templates and databases are backed up prior to the software update.

Simply click the link below and fill in your details and one of our team members will give you a call to get you started.


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