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Labelling and coding solutions suitable for the most challenging manufacturing environments

At insignia, we understand no two industrial environments are the same. Our industry experts provide end-to-end labelling and coding solutions designed to meet customer's unique environmental requirements, increase traceability and boost supply chain productivity.

___Boost Productivity

___Increase Agility

___Lower Operational Costs

Industry Solutions

Thermal Transfer vs.
Thermal Direct

Thermal printing is fast and flexible, allowing you to print up to10,000 labels per day and over 1,000 labels an hour using industrial models. Thermal printing provides the flexibility to choose from a variety of label materials, depending on the application and production environment.

Synthetic Tags 101:
Understanding Tag Materials

Tyvek, Cyclone and Valeron are the three most popular synthetic tag materials. Each offer different benefits, designed to thrive in industrial manufacturing environments. We've cut through the technical industry jargon to help you find the right tag material for your manufacturing application.

Which coding technology is suitable for your substrate?

In challenging manufacturing environments, coding technology must be robust, reliable and equipped with fundamental features, designed to deliver consistent coding quality at the highest line speed.

Domino's CIJ, Piezo (DOD), Valve (DOD) Inkjet and Laser printers offers consistent non-contact printing quality and reliability, while providing the versatility necessary to print onto a variety of substrates used within the manufacturing industry.

Porous, ridged or abrasive, no matter how challenging the substrate we have a coding solution suitable for your application!

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Select your substrate:

Large Character Coding (C Series)

  • High quality alphanumeric and graphics ideal for plasterboard
  • Top-down coding for sheet and web applications
  • High volume ink systems for demanding high throughput applications

Thermal Inkjet Printing (G Series)

  • Water inks suitable for porous plasterboard surface
  • Controlled resolution from 60dpi to 600dpi
  • Machine readable codes including barcodes and graphics

Continuous Inkjet Coding (Ax Series)

  • Robust IP66 rating designed for the most demanding industrial environments
  • i-Pulse inks adhere to a wide variety of metal surfaces
  • Ideal coding solution for curved or indented metal surfaces

Fibre Laser Systems (F Series)

  • Produces a high-contrast permanent code ideal for aluminium substrate
  • Permanent message coding that is water and solvent resistant
  • High pulse peak power can code bare aluminium, as well as coated or anodised aluminium

Large Character Coding (MacroJet)

  • Consistent coding quality at the highest line speed
  • Non-contact printing for uneven surfaces
  • Durable inks provide superior adhesion in challenging manufacturing conditions

Continuous Inkjet Printing (Ax Series)

  • Specially formulated inks adhere to a wide variety of surfaces
  • i-Pulse print head achieves the perfect drop even on curved and uneven surfaces
  • Robust IP66 rating ideal for harsh manufacturing environments

CO2 Laser Systems (D Series)

  • Special scanning head ideal for larger web coding applications
  • Low operating cost, due to not using inks or solvents
  • High quality and discreet codes are produced on the glass

Continuous Inkjet Coding (Ax Series)

  • Abrasion resistant inks that will adhere to surfaces
  • Coding that is resistant to condensation and frost
  • Opaque inks produce legible codes on dark surfaces

Thermal Inkjet Printing (G Series)

  • Water based ink ideal for porous timber substrate
  • Instant drying time
  • High contrast and high quality codes are achieved on timber surfaces

Continuous Inkjet Coding (Ax Series)

  • High resilience to wood treatments
  • Inks suitable on a range of porous and non-porous treated wood
  • Abrasion resistant coding ideal for product identification

Continuous Inkjet Coding (Ax Series)

  • UV cured inks provide flexible permanent marking
  • Variable data and meter marking printed at high speeds
  • Specialty developed inks for cable and wire ensure zero offset

Scribing Laser Systems (D Series)

  • No consumables ensures low cost of ownership
  • Minimal downtime at maximum speeds
  • Permanent and high quality codes ensure perfect readability

Continuous inkjet Coding (Ax Series)

  • Advanced UV inks provide solvent and scratch resistant coding
  • Fade resistant inks ensures longevity of codes
  • Rapidly prints clean and clear codes onto plastic

Laser Scribing Systems (D Series)

  • Special wavelengths for certain plastics such as PET or PP
  • Unlimited graphical capabilities in any orientation
  • Compact and flexible ideal for small spaces

Domino Technology Lineup:

Domino's range of large character inkjet coders delivers a user friendly,easy to integrate and sustainable solution for manufacturers. Domino's C-Series meets the requirements of the whole supply chain, delivering increased efficiency, flexibility and profitability.

  • Plasterboard is coded on line as required, reducing the risk of errors
  • Storage for up to 50 standard messages
  • Real-time product counting
  • Proven valve-jet technology ensures maximum uptime

The Domino D-Series lasers stand apart from the competition with its robust yet compact design and flexibility of integration. This modular design utilises CO2 technology to code onto a variety of materials including metal, glass and PET.

  • Flexible, compact and easy to install
  • Highly cost effective due to its low maintenance and no fluid consumables
  • Built to last- minimum service requirement and highest reliability
  • Large mark field option ideal for web coding applications

Domino's G-Series range of printers offers the only Thermal Inkjet (TIJ) solution with the ability to print with ethanol and water based fluids onto a variety of substrates, such as cartons, sachets, labels and blister packs.

  • Simple to use, minimal operational training required
  • Unique multi-substrate, fast drying inks
  • Machine-readable codes including barcodes and Data Matrix (2D) codes

Quality coding and high productivity is achieved through Domino's highest ever performance inks. Domino have formulated and optimised each ink, and tested each printer and ink combination to ensure the highest levels of reliability, dependability and consistency are achieved for your needs.

  • Specialty developed inks for cable and wire ensure zero offset
  • Fade resistant inks ensures longevity of codes
  • Superior ink adhesion that is water, solvent and scratch resistant
  • High pigmented inks for unrivalled contrast on dark and light surfaces

Domino's Macrojet Case Coder delivers reliable and robust large character coding, on a variety of porous and non-porous substrates. The printers use Drop-on-Demand Valve Jet technology to produce consistent high quality coding in harsh environments.

  • Reliable and robust
  • Sealed print nozzles for maximum uptime in harsh environments
  • Drives up to four remote printheads in any orientation
  • Large ink capacity for minimum operator intervention and maximum uptime

With the F-Series fibre laser system you can permanently mark a wide range of materials including metal, plastics and flexible packaging with the utmost precision. The F-Series can produce unlimited lines of texts, graphics and is ideal for 2D data matrix codes.

  • Very fine spot for utmost precision, ideal for static and mark-on-the-fly applications
  • Long performance life of approx. 100,000 hours
  • Adjustable waveform can be tailored to specific application requirements

The Domino Ax-Series continuous inkjet printers rewrite the rules of marking and coding by improving speed, accuracy and the ability to perform in tough and varied environments, giving this revolutionary range the leading edge.

  • High speed printing of up to 14m/sec
  • Small character print of 0.9mm
  • 29% faster than older CIJ technology
  • Service-free operation

Coding Solutions for
Your Substrate

In challenging manufacturing environments, coding technology must be robust, reliable and equip with fundamental features, designed to deliver consistent coding quality on challenging substrates at the highest line speed. We have a coding technology suitable for your application!

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