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insignia creates solutions for a wide range of industries from the retail environment to industrial manufacturing.

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Food & Beverage

Streamline retail and supply-chain processes with insignia's label, printing and scanning solutions and get real-time, accurate data to direct your merchandise.

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Identify, distinguish and promote your brand with insignia's labelling and coding solutions that offer bottom-line value while helping to increase manufacturing agility and productivity.

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Transport & Logistics


End-to-end labelling, automated identification and data-capture solutions for the Transport & Logistics industry to boost operational performance.

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Identification, traceability and data collection solutions that improve efficiency and streamline processes boosting quality and enhancing patient care.

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Industrial Manufacturing

Labelling and coding solutions for the Chemical Industry to help improve efficiency, streamline processes, and meet compliance standards.

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When facing a challenging manufacturing climate, insignia's labelling and coding solutions can help manufacturers to increase agility, cut costs and improve productivity.

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Ticketing & Event Management

insignia's ticketing solutions can bring your brand to life with quality, colourful tickets your guests will want to keep as mementos to remember their experience.

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