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insignia's role as the sole distributor for Domino within Australia enables us to bring global industry-leading coding and marking technologies to local Australian businesses. Our Domino team offers our customers comprehensive support from project management and installation to onsite team training and Helpdesk support. Additionally, our Domino support hub is equipped with training and support resources, from technology videos to buying guides and frequently asked questions.

General Domino Support FAQs

  1. I can’t find any Domino inks or fluids on your website – do you sell them?

    Yes, we sell Domino inks and fluids - you just have to be logged in to MyAccount to see them. To create an online account you must have an existing customer account, or call us on 1300 467 446 and we'll create an account for you.

  2. Does Domino offer a coder/printer capable of coding/printing barcodes?

    Yes. Barcodes can be printed on a range of Domino products. We advise you to seek advice for the best solution as the recommendation will depend on the required barcode specification and application.

  3. How much does it cost to run one of Domino’s printers?

    Running costs depend on the type of application and also type of technology used. Also, it is important to consider the total cost of ownership, rather than just the cost of consumables.

  4. What does insignia need to know to be able to recommend a marking or coding system?

    As a first step, we will need to know the type of substrate, code format, if printing a moving or stationary product, the speed and environment. Ultimately, we will need to complete print samples as well.

  5. How can I print on both sides of my carton/case?

    This can be achieved by using multiple print heads from one ink base.

  6. What outer case materials can I apply labels to?

    You can label virtually any outer case substrate as Domino has a broad label applicator range, which covers the majority of applications.

  7. How do I dispose of any waste ink?

    Regulations relating to the disposal of inks vary country to country. In many countries, Domino works with recognised partners to remove and dispose of waste ink safely and legally. Please talk to us for guidance in your specific situation.

  8. How environmentally friendly are Domino’s inkjet coders?

    Domino offers a comprehensive range of environmentally friendly inks including water based, ethanol based and Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) exempt (for USA) inks.

  9. I’ve heard about ‘halogen-free’ and ‘heavy-metal free’ – what does this mean?

    This is increasingly important in the electronics and electrical industries.

    Domino has recently developed a range of Continuous Inkjet (CIJ) inks that are both heavy metal–free and free of halogens, such as chlorine, that may be used to make the ink droplets conductive.

    These inks are available in black and blue colours and offer important properties such as alcohol resistance. These inks avoid possible manufacturing process contamination as well as ensuring on-going compliance to RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) and WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) directives when components are coded with these inks. Increasingly such inks are mandatory for customers.