Introducing the Domino F720i Fibre Laser

The industry-leading Domino F720i Fibre Laser continues to stretch the boundaries of innovation to deliver even greater operational efficiencies, highest uptime and lowest impact on OEE for the beverage canning sector.

The F720i fibre laser applies high-quality, permanent codes at unmatched production speeds in harsh beverage manufacturing environments.

The F720i is designed to meet high-speed coding demands of the beverage canning sector, delivering legible and durable codes on aluminium cans in challenging environments with ease.

F720i at a Glance

Designed to deliver clear and durable codes on aluminium cans, the F720i fibre laser is particularly suited to withstand the harsh production environments and high speed coding demands of the beverage canning sector.

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Fibre Laser - the
Alternative Coding Solution

With beverage code sizes increasing and line speeds getting faster, new technology holds the key to unlock next level performance. Taking this into consideration, fibre laser technology provides an alternative option to CIJ, with key benefits for customers having to code large volumes of product, but also looking to avoid fluid usage.

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Challenges Faced in
Beverage Canning Environment

Manufacturers can experience a range of challenges when coding in challenging beverage canning environments. Production speeds, harsh environments and the coding surface are some of the requirements that must be considered when investing into a suitable coding solution for your production environment.

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The Need for Traceability
in Beverage Canning

Traceability and item identification are vital for canned products. The ability to identify the origin of a canned beverage is a key requirement. Every canned item must be marked with a unique identifier which can be read by humans or machines throughout each stage of production
and the greater supply chain.

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