Domino’s Egg Coding Solutions

With the implementation of legal requirements for traceability throughout the egg supply chain, it is more imperative than ever that egg producers are using high quality coding equipment. Developed to the most stringent criteria, Domino’s direct food contact inks in combination with their Continuous Inkjet (CIJ) printers can produce high quality, durable codes that can be seamlessly integrated into production lines.

Compliance with Food Safety Standards

The chemicals used in inks are quite dangerous, particularly when in direct contact with food products. The combination of the porous egg shell and the high likelihood of ink leaching inside the egg presents risks to egg consumers if the ink is not food-grade certified and subsequently in breach of food safety standards. Domino egg coding ink is manufactured to adhere to stringent ‘food safe’ criteria, including being anti-bacterial and water-based, and is both FDA and EuPIA certified. These certifications ensure the suitability of the ink for direct application onto food products, ultimately ensuring the safe consumption of egg products.

Compatible with Moba and Sanovo Graders

A key benefit of Domino’s series of CIJ Printers is that they are easily compatible with existing software. Designed in partnership with grader manufacturers, Domino’s CIJ printers can be fully integrated with Moba and Sanovo graders on egg processing lines. While Moba can be directly connected with no additional interface required, Sanovo can be easily integrated with Domino’s QuickDesign software.

Delivers a High-quality Code Made to Last

Domino’s food-safe inks have been developed to provide a durable, boil-resistant code that will last the life of the egg. In addition to regulatory compliance, a code enables a manufacturer to help distinguish their product by branding eggs with logos or trademarks. Domino’s range of CIJ printers have been designed in partnership with grader manufacturers to ensure excellent performance, reliability and ease of use. A strength of the new Ax-Series is the i-Pulse printhead, which delivers 9 drop quality at 7 drop speed, meaning you now get a higher quality code faster than ever before. Most importantly, Domino’s egg coding solution allows the user to save on call-out charges, as no manual maintenance is required, and the smaller ink droplets reduces overall ink consumption, reducing total cost of ownership (TCO).