Ideal for harsh beverage manufacturing environments

The Domino F720i Fibre Laser Coder applies high-quality, permanent codes at unmatched production speeds in harsh beverage manufacturing environments.

The F720i is designed to meet high-speed coding demands of the beverage canning sector, delivering legible and durable codes on aluminium cans in challenging environments with ease.

F720i at a Glance

Designed to deliver clear and durable codes on aluminium cans, the F720i fibre laser is particularly suited to withstand the harsh production environments and high-speed coding demands of the beverage canning sector.

Domino Case Study - Carlsberg Sweden

The industry-leading Domino F720i Fibre Laser continues to stretch the boundaries of innovation to deliver even greater operational efficiencies, highest uptime and lowest impact on OEE for the beverage canning sector.

High-Speed Coding: Canning speeds taken to new limits

  • Unique 3D power concentration - short, intense pulses achieve increased marking speeds and superior code quality
  • 90,000 cans per hour - each coded with over 20 characters
  • High resolution codes and exceptional productivity on concave surfaces
  • 2,000 characters per second

Robust Design: Tough enough for the harshest conditions

  • IP65 rating - ready for the humid, sugar-laden beverage environment
  • Non-stop production at temperatures up to 45°C

Low Total Cost of Ownership: Class-leading ROI

  • Consistent high quality eliminates waste
  • Uninterrupted production runs
  • Sustainable production without fluids or consumables
  • New design cooling system for lower energy consumption
  • Low maintenance