Basics of IIoT

The IIoT at its most basic level is an expansion of the Internet of Things (IoT), which connects devices via an online network – enabling devices to collaboratively work with each other to exchange data.

The IIoT takes the premise of IoT and supersizes it. IIoT is a network of networks that connects people, devices, process, and assets at all stages of the supply chain, allowing us to operate and optimise factories in innovative new ways.

However, many manufacturing plants across the globe are formed around disconnected physical systems with different ends of the production process operating in silos. This lack of interconnectivity increases the risk of production errors and, therefore, also unplanned downtime. It is now time for factories to move onwards to a more connected and synergistic system.

IIoT provides a platform for manufacturers to analyse data at every stage of production and extend automated processes to unite previously disparate systems. Greater insight into factory processes enables manufacturers to increase overall equipment effectiveness (OEE), and by reducing human intervention, minimise downtime – and thus maximise profitability.

Domino and the IIoT

A key example of IIoT innovation is the Domino Cloud, which is a central connection point between devices. Connecting factory equipment to the Domino Cloud gives manufacturers 24/7 access to information on production line efficiencies, printer statuses and so much more. The Domino Cloud differs from traditional wide area networks (WAN), in that computing power and storage can flex in real time to the needs of the consumer, allowing for spikes in production and resource-intensive operations to be managed effectively.

It is in the areas of IIoT and cloud computing that Domino is shaping Industry 4.0. Through new technologies such as their i-Techx platform and the Domino Cloud, operators can use coding equipment and systems as part of a singular intelligent factory operation.

Domino's i-Techx platform collects a vast array of data on printer operation – from ink and makeup usage, to running performance, and wear and tear on components. The data is sent to the Domino Cloud where it can be accessed by customers and the insignia Helpdesk team to monitor printers remotely, diagnose faults, and flag potential issues early – before any downtime occurs.