Winson Employee Engagement Survey Results 2019

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Winson Employee Engagement Survey Results 2019

The results are in and the Winson Group continues to trend ahead of the industry, based on the results from this year’s national employee engagement survey, scoring an overall 76.4% engagement compared to a national benchmark of 65%.

Founded in 1968, the Winson Group incorporates both insignia and sister company Signet and has a strong focus on helping Australia compete. While we’re proud of our shared heritage, we have a strong focus on the future. In support of this, the Winson Group conducts an annual employee engagement survey to review their year-on-year (YOY) progress and help set actions for the future growth of the company and its employees.

While there was an upward trend YOY across the board, Customer, Safety, Team and Leadership remain as the highest performing categories. Results show that both insignia and Signet share a passion for helping their customers compete through delivering quality solutions, with a result of 87.4% for ‘Customer Culture’. This was followed closely by ‘Safety and Continuous Improvement’ at 86.3% which has always been a high priority for both companies – making a safe work environment for all employees.

Overall, 83% of all teams have scored above the national benchmark. The results also revealed above a 3% increase year-on-year in the categories of ‘Work Culture’, ‘Resource, Technology and Environment’, and ‘Recognition and Rewards’, reflecting positive improvements in these areas.

“Our family-owned values, our people and our focus on helping our customers compete are the reasons insignia is one of Australia’s leading label manufacturers and distributor of top-tier thermal printing, data capture and coding brands,” says Jeff Bint – insignia Executive General Manager.

“Our success rests with our commitment in providing a first-rate experience for our customers. The survey results reflect that this focus is key across all areas of our business.”