insignia announces HACCP accreditation

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insignia announces HACCP accreditation

A favourite from previous conferences, Andrew Little returned to speak on the role finance plays in a business and how important it is to understand finance within different departments. Lastly, Chris Egerton-Vernon, Procurement and Inventory Manager for insignia shared his journey from sales and account management into procurement, and how being open to pursuing internal opportunities can both push you out of your comfort zone and help build your career.

At the conclusion of the presentations, the graduates put their learnings to practice in a supply chain simulation. Channelling their inner Lego Master, they were tasked with constructing a Lego plane, however not every team member had all the information required for the completion of the task. One person could

The scope of our certification includes the manufacturing, packing, warehousing, storage and dispatch of labels and tags for direct food contact and indirect food contact packaging. We look forward to continuing to support the Australian food manufacturing industry as a HACCP-accredited supplier.

If your business requires HACCP-certified labels or tags, or you would like to talk to us about a labelling solution, please get in touch today on 1300 467 446 or at