Domino Fe-Fume Extraction System

Industrial fume extraction systems are essential to any manufacturing facility using laser coding equipment. The purpose of the Domino FE-Fume extraction system is to protect the environment and the health of you and your team, by securely removing fumes and particles during the laser scribing process. In addition to this, the intensity of the laser beam is preserved preventing any residue on the laser lens, producing consistent code quality and clean products ready for dispatch.

Improved capability

Domino has recently launched new and improved FE-Fume extraction filters for their laser extraction systems. Produced in Germany from high quality materials, the FE filters are also compatible with the now-obsolete Domino DPX extraction system. The older DPX extraction system and filters are no longer available to purchase through insignia. Additionally, Domino's FE filters are more economical than the DPX range and designed to be better for the environment and your budget.

Thinking of upgrading? This article identifies three ways the Domino Laser FE filters are better for both the environment and your budget.

Unique Filtration Technology

Domino's goal when launching the FE Laser filter extraction system was to create an environmentally friendly and affordable system unique to the laser coding market. Domino achieved this by improving the filtration technology of their latest extraction system and creating a two stage filtration system, independently tested and approved by the Institute of Air Handling and Refrigeration.

Prolonged Service Life

The unique double filtration technology (a pre-filter plus the main filter) is a key feature of the new extraction system. During the pre-filtration stage small particles are sifted and removed before reaching the main filtration stage. This allows the main filter to achieve outstanding filtration due to the lower particle load, resulting in prolonged service life and longer-lasting performance of the main filter, in comparison to the DPX models. Additionally, the gas binding capacity of the main filter is much higher due to the superior active carbon, creating a healthy and unpolluted work environment.

Ease of Use

A single FE-Fume extraction system is capable of supporting two Domino lasers and was designed with ease of use in mind. Multiple hose inlets in the sides and back of the cabinet facilitate flexible instillation. Additionally, the system features comprehensive display that allows intuitive operation and alerts operators when the filters require changing. These features reduce the risk of operational downtime and the need for assistance from a field support technician, ultimately reducing service costs.