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Barcodes are everywhere and it is easy to take them for granted until you need to create, print or scan them within your business. insignia is a GS1 Strategic Alliance Partner, and our expert team provide barcoding solutions which not only complying with the global standards, but can also boost efficiency and value in your business processes.

Creating Barcodes

Barcoding 101

New to printing barcodes or want to learn how to improve your current barcodes? Follow our four simple steps to ensure that your barcoding is up to standard: Identifying Barcodes, Barcode Specifications, Printing, and Quality Testing.

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BarTender Software

Having the right software package will make all the difference when printing your own barcode labels. More companies worldwide choose BarTender barcoding software for designing and printing labels, than any other barcode software. BarTender is easy to use, and offers 95 barcode symbologies and more than a dozen barcode standards.

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Printing Barcodes

Thermal Printers

Thermal printing is the ideal technology of printing your own barcodes. Thermal printers are fast, efficient, and print high-resolution barcodes, text and graphics on a wide range of materials including labels, tags, tickets and receipts.

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Custom Printed, Colour Labels with Barcodes

insignia can print barcode labels for you at our label production facilities. To ensure the quality of the barcode, as part of the final press check, our team run a full barcode verification report on all barcode print jobs. Verification measures all the parameters of the barcode to ensure they are compliant with GS1 standards.

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