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BarTender Software

The world's most trusted barcode generator software

Having the right software package will make all the difference when printing your own barcode labels. BarTender software enables businesses to improve security, efficiency and compliance in their labelling and barcoding processes. Create labels, create barcodes, automate your labelling and much more.

BarTender is easy to use and easy to integrate with existing databases, and you can have peace of mind that your barcodes will be compliant to global GS1 standards, as all editions of BarTender software are GS1 certified.

Guides and eBooks

Barcoding 101

The task of barcoding can seem like a daunting concept - if not done correctly it can cause significant operational, financial and legal costs. Therefore, high quality barcodes are critical for 100% accuracy and traceability throughout the distribution process.

In saying that, they’re not to be feared. Ensuring aspects such as size, colour, location and material are correct will protect the quality of your barcode and make sure it scans every time.

As a GS1 Strategic Alliance Partner, our expert team are equipped with the knowledge and training to provide compliant barcoding solutions. Read our full guide to ensuring GS1 compliant barcodes.


Key resources for compliant barcoding

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