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Mobile computing technology provides the flexibility businesses need to compete now and into the future. With growing industry requirements for equipping a mobile workforce and efficient asset tracking, the demand for real-time data has never been higher. insignia's range of mobile devices from globally trusted brands captures real-time data on the go for efficient data management and ultimate productivity.


insignia stocks a range of mobility solutions from mobile computers to wearable devices. Explore our range of mobility resources and discover their productivity enhancing advantages.

Total Wearable Solutions White Paper

Ring scanner in the warehouse

In today's hyper-competitive market companies are constantly on the lookout for productivity and accuracy enhancing solutions for their warehouse and distribution centres. Wearable solutions help companies achieve competitive differentiation within the marketing by increasing employee productivity by 15% and reducing errors by 39%.

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Top Mobile Devices by Industry

Enterprise-class mobile devices can help businesses achieve wins in productivity, accuracy and output in a variety of industries. From rugged devices built to survive knocks and tumbles in Transport & Logistics, to models designed to thrive in Cold Storage environments, and smart connected devices to provide business insights in real time.

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Make the Switch: Windows to Android

A major shift is occurring within the mobile OS landscape. Windows is phasing out online support and security updates for Windows OS devices in 2020, increasing the risk of security breaches. Are you ready to make the switch to Android?

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Cutting the Cost of Double-Handling

In today's changing and competitive workplace it can be a struggle to keep up with everything that needs to be achieved in the day. Continuous Improvement and Lean practices can help remove the elements in day-to-day activities that your customers don't value or could even impact them negatively - find out how.

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insignia stocks a wide range of handheld scanners from the world's leading brands. Explore our range of scanner resources below to help you find the right handheld scanner for your industry needs.

Barcode Scanners Buying Guide

Scanners today provide greater functionality, convenience and durability than ever before. Whether you are looking to invest in a barcode scanner to for warehouse inventory management or to improve order picking, our comprehensive guide outlines the wide range of scanner options available.

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Considerations when Buying a Barcode Scanner

Scanning retail

Thinking about investing in barcode scanners to help with your operations? Click here for a quick rundown on the key factors to consider before you buy.

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