Volume 10

Letter from the Executive General Manager

Welcome to the tenth edition of ‘insight’! 

We’re celebrating a key milestone this year – insignia and Signet, both part of the Winson Group, have just reached 50 years in business as national manufacturers and distributors of globally trusted brands. This achievement holds special significance for us, being a family-owned and operated business in Australian manufacturing.

In reflecting on our journey over the past 50 years, it’s clear that our longevity can be attributed to both our unwavering focus on our customers, and our people. We take pride in working collaboratively with our customers to design and implement solutions that make a genuine difference to their operations. In this way we help them remain competitive in their own markets and achieve our own goal of helping Australia compete. Here’s to the next 50 years!

Best regards,

In This Edition

Find labels that cater to you

A food label needs to be visually appealing, however for smaller production volumes or larger product varieties they also need to be versatile. Find out how you can get a label with flexibility and prime label appeal.

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The 3 deadly sins of coding

Reducing costs is an ever-present challenge for Australian manufacturers, but using cheaper consumables, while appealing short-term can incur great long-term costs.

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When's the right time to upgrade your label printer?

Label printers are an intergal component of many businesses, particularly in supply chains and logistics. That’s why it’s essential to know when it’s time to repair and when it’s time to upgrade.

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Laser vs Inkjet - What's the difference?

Laser and inkjet are both reliable technologies, but to compare them is like comparing apples to oranges. So, what is the difference and is one really better than the other?

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Protect traceability by ensuring your barcodes are up to standard

Scanning is one of the best ways to ensure 100% accuracy and traceability in the supply chain, that is assuming the barcode is up to standard. Find out if your barcodes are fully optimised.

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insignia helping graduates compete

Recently the insignia graduate team got to put their networking skills to the test at the graduate breakfast. They also got to hear an insightful presentation for Signet Head of Growth Strategy.

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Meet the Team

Meet Boyd Rose!

We'd love to introduce you to Boyd Rose, a Domino Product Manager based in our Brisbane office.

Find out what's on his bucket list and what song he secretly loves!

Footy Tipping Results

Congratulations to our winners!


1st: Peter - Aliant Food Services

2nd: Ken - Sugar Australia

3rd: Satish - Sigma Airconditioning


1st: Brendan - Pegasus Pty Ltd

2nd: Craig - Chrisco

3rd: Daniel - Bickfords Group

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Introducing Domino Cloud -Maximising Uptime through Remote Connectivity

Explore Domino Cloud

A half-day session designed to educate Australian healthcare organisations in the use of the GS1 System to resolve real business problems, assure compliance and improve their supply chain.

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