Thermal Transfer Printer Range

Thermal Transfer Printers

You will appreciate the performance and value you get from Domino's V-Series Thermal Transfer Overprinting (TTO) coders when you need to code onto films, labels or a range of other flexible packaging materials. Domino's V-Series thermal transfer overprint coders are the most advanced in the market when it comes to ribbon economy, speed and print size.

Domino's V-Series TTO Range provides the ideal coding method in bag forming machines, vertical form fill and seal, horizontal form fill and seal and a myriad of other host machines. The units are extremely versatile making integration with existing host machines a simple process and V-Series printers can be controlled by a host software system, or operated individually as a standalone system.

Range Details

General Purpose Range

Domino V-Series General Purpose Range is designed for your simple thermal transfer printing applications requiring smaller messages, use-by-dates and batch codes. These coders print high quality barcodes and graphics and offer an affordable upgrade from traditional roll coder or hot stamp equipment.

Domino V120i Thermal Transfer Overprint Printer

Domino V120i is the entry level thermal transfer overprint (TTO) printer. This unit packs a lot of punch for a low cost Thermal Transfer Overprint unit. It prints high quality 300dpi print up to 32mm wide in either intermittent mode or continuous mode.

  • 300dpi print up to 32mm wide
  • Compact, flexible design for easy integration
  • Multiple ribbon saving modes, using less ribbon per print

Domino V220i Thermal Transfer Overprint Printer

Domino V230i is a general purpose thermal transfer overprint (TTO) printer capable of printing up to 55mm wide at 300dpi print, and can be run in either intermittent mode or continuous mode. Designed to improve efficiency by reducing consumable changeover downtime, the V230i has an easy-change ribbon cartridge and long ribbon length (650m).

  • 300dpi print, 32mm or 55mm wide version
  • Easy ribbon change cartridge
  • Flexible integration, no need for factory air
  • Multiple ribbon saving modes, using less ribbon per print

Advanced Range

Domino's V-Series Advanced Range helps you achieve the lowest total cost of ownership (TCO) by taking advantage of Domino's patented features which improve ribbon economy, reduce the number of consumable changeovers, increase reliability and make message creation easy and versatile. The Advanced Range offers the fastest print speeds and is ideal for creating large format or highly-detailed messages e.g. product decoration or ingredient panels.

Domino V320i Thermal Transfer Overprint Printer (53mm)

Domino V320i is the most versatile and high performance thermal transfer overprint (TTO) printer on the market today. Boasting a solid robust design, this unit is capable of printing upto 53mm wide in either continuous or intermittant mode. The unit has a massive 1.4km ribbon capacity which can be extended using 4 different ribbon saving modes. Able to print high quality 300dpi graphics, barcodes and much more, this unit is the choice for any high usage company.

  • 53mm print width
  • 1.4km ribbon capacity
  • Multiple software integration options

Domino V320i Thermal Transfer Overprint Printer (128mm)

With a massive 128mm print width, the Domino V320i TTO is able to print large volumes of information, graphics and barcodes on your flexible packaging. The unit is extremely robust whilst being flexible to printer left hand or right hand and continuous or intermittent in the same unit. It has 4 different ribbon saving modes and can be controlled via own touchscreen or remotely via network connection.

  • 128mm print width
  • 1.4km ribbon capacity
  • Multiple software integration options
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