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Introducing the Domino Ax-Series:

The Domino Ax-Series printers rewrite the rules of marking and coding by
improving speed, accuracy and the ability to perform in tough and varied
environments, giving this revolutionary range the leading edge.

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Continuous Inkjet Coding

You can be confident of a dependable and easy to use coding solution with Domino's A-Series Continuous Inkjet (CIJ) printers. For over 30 years Domino CIJ technology has led the market in print quality, reliability and versatility, and the A-Series family of coders continues to be renowned for being robust and adaptable.

You will be sure to find a printer that suits your requirements within the three levels of technology: General Purpose Range, i-Tech Range and Specialist Range.

Range Details


Speed, accuracy and the ability to withstand the most demanding industrial packaging environments gives the new Domino Ax-Series a leading edge. Combining over 30 years of Continuous Inkjet knowledge Domino have introduced a new generation of CIJ technology, setting a global benchmark for consistent high quality printing, productivity and cost of ownership.

  • Perfect drops every time
  • Higher resolution text and 2D codes
  • Inks for the toughest substrates
  • 29% faster
  • Service free operation
  • Minimum operator intervention

Ax-150i - An industry breakthrough in Continuous Inkjet printing

The Ax-150i is a revolutionary printing solution that adapts to your needs. The Ax-150 is compact, powerful and easy to maintain and service.

  • 60um i-Pulse Printhead Straight 3m conduit
  • ITM (Type 2) System
  • 7 Inch integrated Touchscreen with QS3
  • IP55 Metal Cabinet with Tough Nylon Door

Ax-350i - The reinvention of Continuous Inkjet printing

The Ax-350i is the new generation in precision ink drop technology and designed for even the most demanding applications.

  • 60um/75um i-Pulse Printhead Straight
  • 3m/6m conduit
  • ITM (Type 2) & Heavy Duty ITM (Type 3) System
  • Robust, IP66 sealed electronic closure

Ax-550i - The ultimate in Continuous Inkjet technology

The highest quality print is assured with the Ax-550i. The robust and flexible machine delivers high resolution print messages and multiple line codes in the harshest environments.

  • 60um/75um i-Pulse Printhead Straight
  • TM (Type 2) & Heavy Duty ITM (Type 3) System
  • IP55 316 Marine Grade Stainless cabinet
  • IP66 Sealed Electronics enclosure

General Purpose Range

Simple and straightforward, the A-Series GP range helps you contain costs while meeting your requirement for general purpose coding. Designed to suit basic coding applications when Continuous Inkjet printing is required and budget is tight, you benefit from reliability, performance and value.

  • Simple and easy to use
  • Basic coding functions
  • Value for money solution
  • Consistent, reliable performance
  • Large user display with shortcut keys to common adjustements

Domino A120 CIJ Printer

The entry level, A120 Continuous Inkjet (CIJ) printer simplifies your general purpose coding applications without sacrificing renowned Domino reliability.

  • 3 lines of print
  • IP55 rated stainless steel cabinet

Domino A220 CIJ Printer

The A220's faster print speeds and extra coding line options, gives you greater flexibility for general purpose Continuous Inkjet printing.

  • Single line text at 325m/min or up to 5 lines of code
  • IP55 rated stainless steel cabinet

i-Tech Range

i-Tech's intelligent technology manages itself, reducing costs and making your life easier.

Replenishing the consumables using simple sealed cartridges is all the service it requires. The intuitive user interface simplifies operation and reduces errors. The i-Tech range provides the lowest cost of ownership of any continuous inkjet printer on the market.

Domino A320i Continuous Inkjet Printer

The innovative and intelligent A-Series i-Tech range begins with the A320i, an entry level model with the smarts to manage itself, reducing your costs and simplifying your production line.

No maintenance or fuss, the i-Tech range does not require a service technician for scheduled maintenance allowing you to slash maintenance bills, and its advanced ink technology significantly reduces your ink and make-up consumption.

  • Easy to use, simple and secure for stress-free operation
  • Easy to integrate, versatile and accessible
  • Convenient and reliable

Domino A420i Continuous Inkjet Printer

The Domino A420i gives you the lowest Total Cost of Ownership of any CIJ printer available. Its innovative and intelligent design not only provides high reliability, it reduces your ink and make up consumption and as you can do away with conventional servicing, it costs less to run.

  • Highest line speeds on the market today
  • Print extremely small code (40 micron), with Pinpoint technology
  • Wide range of inks for challenging substrates.
  • Easy to use, simple and secure for stress-free operation
  • Easy to integrate, versatile and accessible

Domino 520i Continuous Inkjet Printer

Specifically designed for wash down environments, the Domino A520i provides all the protection you need to keep your production line running. Housed in a 316-grade stainless cabinet with additional reliability from its innovative plenum airflow cooling system, the printer stays cool and the electronics sealed (IP66).

  • Remote user touchscreen (IP65) can control multiple printers
  • Easy to use, simple and secure for stress-free operation
  • Stackable design allows multi-lane applications to be deployed easily
  • Low Total Cost of Ownership
  • IP66 wash-down rating

Special Purpose Range

30 years of Continuous Inkjet (CIJ) brings expertise in even the most unique and specific coding applications. Domino's Specialist range is designed to solve the coding challenges the other systems in the market can't. Whether you have an unusual substrate, demanding production speed or complex operating environment, you can be confident of a reliable coding solution from Domino's Specialist Range.

Domino Opaque Ink CIJ Printer

If your product requires a white, light or uniquely coloured code, or should the yellow soft pigmented inks available in the standard range are not suitable, Domino have one of the largest varieties of coloured and specialty inks available in the market. The inks produce bright, opaque and scratch resistant codes and the dependable Domino Opaque Ink CIJ printer has design features to ensure print clarity is not compromised.

  • Opaque, high contrast ink for dark surfaces
  • Wide variety of coloured inks

Domino Egg Coding CIJ Printer

Egg coding is a niche coding application that allows eggs to be traced from the farm to the table. Domino's versatile, proven egg coding solution; including food-grade inks ensures consumer safety and egg brand integrity is maintained.

The unit integrates with a variety of egg grading and processing systems, including Moba and Staalkat - Diamond grader.

  • Food grade ink
  • Suits harsh environment
  • integrates with host graders

Domino SE Extreme Environment CIJ Printer

To operate in severe environments, you need an extreme coding machine designed to do the job. Domino boasts one of the most tough, robust and reliable CIJ coders on the market, housed in a unique sealed cabinet, rated IP66, able to withstand dust, water and very cold conditions.

  • Reliable coding in extreme environments
  • IP66 rated cabinet
  • Fully protected from external sources of dirt or moisture

Weidenbach CS405/7 CIJ Coder

For applications requiring lightning fast speeds up to 800m per minute, the Weidenbach CS405/7 coder will suit perfectly. The coder is easy to use and uses both standard and opaque ink types.

  • Fastest print speeds in market
  • High performance and reliability
  • Ideal for pipe, cable and electronic component coding

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