Introducing the Domino Ax-Series:

The Domino Ax-Series printers rewrite the rules of marking and coding by
 improving speed, accuracy and the ability to perform in tough and varied
 environments, giving this revolutionary range the leading edge.

Ax-Series at a Glance

Domino has rewritten the rules of coding and marking by revisiting the underlining science behind Continuous Inkjet and introducing innovation in three key areas; i-pulse print head and inks, i-techx software and Domino Design.

Designed by Customers.
Engineered by Domino.

The best way to improve your products is by listening to your customers, that's exactly what Domino did. The learned from your coding experiences and studied the regulatory, environmental and supply chain pressures you face. The findings were that customers need durable, high quality and error-free coding. They deconstructed Continuous Inkjet as we've known it for the past four decades - before rebuilding it as a better, faster, more responsive and cost-effective technology.

Domino Cloud: Maximising uptime through remote connectivity

Domino Cloud provides comprehensive protection for your Ax-Series and is complementary with insignia's SafeGuard service and support package. Domino Cloud provides comprehensive protection for your Ax-Series. Maximise production uptime with Domino Cloud's predictive and proactive remote diagnostics.

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SafeGuard, featuring Domino Cloud, and Relax are designed to help you
maximise line efficiency whilst you focus on your total production.

SafeGuard for your Ax-Series Printer

Remote monitoring, diagnostics and service cover for your printer- to ensure your printer is available when you need it. Identify problems before they arise and impact your production line with your range of SafeGuard packages.

All SafeGuard packages include:

  • Remote diagnostics and insignia helpdesk support for fast fix of problems
  • Genuine Domino spare parts to maintain printer efficiency and uptime
  • Online performance dashboards via your smartphone, tablet or PC
  • Access to online training resources (support hub)
  • OEE/report screen containing production line Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) performance statistics and consumables usage overviews
  • Flexible payment options including quarterly or annual repayments
  • User selectable email alerts on printer status

Our range of SafeGuard packages include optional elements:

- Remote monitoring via insignia helpdesk

- Annual or quarterly visits

- Weekly performance reports via your smartphone, tablet or PC

- Priority engineer response

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i-Pulse Developed Inks

Domino have ensured that high quality and reliability are achieved across a broad spectrum of applications by introducing a range of i-Pulse inks developed to adhere to anything - even after the toughest post-print process. New inks have been developed for challenging applications including retort (sterilisation) processes, frozen food application and returnable glass bottle processes. The high-contrast, durable inks (available in black, blue, yellow, red and white) will last the lifetime of your product and are even suitable for direct food-contact. Additionally, new fast-drying ketone-free inks for flexible food packaging applications also form part of the extensive range.

The Domino Ax-Series Range

Ax-150i - An industry breakthrough in Continuous Inkjet printing

The Ax-150i is a revolutionary printing solution that adapts to your needs. The Ax-150 is compact, powerful and easy to maintain and service- the i-Tech module can be easily changed in less than 10 minutes and production can be maintained with optimum line availability.

The Ax-150i may be small in size but not in features, its key features include:

  • 60um i-Pulse Printhead Straight 3m conduit
  • ITM (Type 2) System
  • 7 Inch integrated Touchscreen with QS3
  • IP55 Metal Cabinet with Tough Nylon Door
  • Service-free and error free
  • Smooth integration
  • Rapidly prints clean and clear codes

Ax-350i - The reinvention of Continuous Inkjet printing

The Ax-350i is the new generation in precision ink drop technology and designed for even the most demanding applications. Rapidly print messages and multiple line codes at the fastest possible speeds, without compromising overall equipment efficiency (OEE). The higher quality codes are optimised for Machine Readable Codes (MRC) and Optical Character Recognition (OCR) systems, which in turn reduce reject rates.

The Ax-350i key features include;

  • 60um/75um i-Pulse Printhead Straight
  • 3m/6m conduit
  • ITM (Type 2) & Heavy Duty ITM (Type 3) System
  • Optional User Interface- 7 & 10 inch with QS3
  • Robust, IP66 sealed electronic closure
  • IP55 304 Stainless cabinet

Ax-550i - The ultimate in Continuous Inkjet technology

The highest quality print is assured with the Ax-550i. The robust and flexible machine delivers high resolution print messages and multiple line codes in the harshest environments. The Ax-550i cabinet is made from marine grade stainless steel which is not only dust tight but can withstand powerful water blasting during heavy duty cleaning.

The Ax-550i key features include;

  • 60um/75um i-Pulse Printhead Straight
  • 3m/6m conduit.
  • ITM (Type 2) & Heavy Duty ITM (Type 3) System
  • IP55 316 Marine Grade Stainless cabinet
  • IP66 Sealed Electronics enclosure