Perks of Perforated Labels

Perforated backing paper offers a range of advantages that enhance the efficiency and ease of label application. Discover how this innovative solution can improve your labeling process and reduce waste in your operations.

1. Easier and tidier to pull apart

Labels on easy tear backing paper are easier and tidier to pull apart. This is beneficial when printing batches of one type of label as they can be efficiently grouped together.

Additionally, if employees are working in multiple packing stations, labels can be easily separated from the roll without the use of scissors or a knife and used in different locations.

2. Tear off labels directly from the printer while avoiding mishaps

This type of label is easier to tear off labels directly from a printer, especially printers with blunt tear-bars, avoiding exposed adhesive from catching on the platen roller and having labels wrap around it.

3. Flexibility to separate and use in multiple ways

Labels on easy tear backing paper provides the flexibility to separate and use in multiple ways. These labels can be used as tags if you don't want to stick them onto anything, as the backing paper is still attached.

This is a cost efficient way to use the product in multiple ways and saves changing baack and forth from labels to tags.

4. Fold and store labels in a way that eliminates the risk of damage

Perforated label rolls provide the flexibility to easily fold and store labels into flat stacks after printing, eliminating the risk of your labels getting crushed or damaged.