Laser Coding Technology

Laser coding technology has a long heritage in the beverage industry, as it is flexible enough to be applied to most types of packaging, while reproducing high-resolution fonts and graphics. However, a fibre laser can also achieve a successful balance between high-resolution marking and high speed coding.

Domino Printing Science are industry leaders in developing the most advanced coding solutions to exceed customer's expectations and equip production lines not only for today but with future requirements in mind.

The F720I Fibre Laser

The F720i is Domino's latest addition to its range of high performance, high speed fibre lasers. Designed to deliver clear, legible and durable codes on aluminium cans, and resistant to high temperatures up to 45°C the new F720i fibre laser is especially suited to withstand the harsh production environments and high speed coding demands of the beverage canning sector.

The F720i is capable of delivering high quality codes at line speeds of 600 m/min. A high-resolution mark even on the most challenging of surfaces, such as the concave surface of the bottom of a can is made easy. Thanks to the high ingress protection (IP) rating it can maintain the same non-stop high speed production even in the harsh, humid, sugar-laden environments of beverage canning, which pose a challenge for most coding and marking systems.

High speed capability

Increased demand for late stage customisation and the ability to generate personalised codes on the canning line means it is not solely about the quality of the code, but also the quantity. The F720i fibre laser systems can mark more than 60 characters per can at a line speed of 42,000 cans p/h, and mark over 90,000 cans with the regular number of characters usually applied, which ranges between 10 and 26.

Arguably, the most compelling benefit of fibre laser is environmental performance. Laser does not require any fluid, so waste is not an issue. Deploying a coding and marking system that requires no consumables and reduces waste improves a company's green credentials, while also making a visible commitment to improving the sustainability of beverage canning.