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BarTender is easy to use, easy to integrate with existing databases and with four editions, it is easy to upgrade as your needs expand.

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Microsoft Certified

All BarTender editions have an intuitive user interface that has been Certified by Microsoft to look like Word and Excel.

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GS1 Certified Software

BarTender's GS1 certification ensures your Barcodes will meet the high standards that are GS1 approved.

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Any Barcode Type

BarTender has a vast library of barcodes from all over the world to ensure that no matter where you are exporting to there is a Barcode to suit.

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Fonts and Images

A large library of fonts are available at your fingertips to use in your label printing. This gives you the ability to create unique labels to your needs.

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Print to any Windows Printer

BarTender Prints using Windows Print drivers. This means you are not limited to what printers the software supports. If Windows recognises the printer so will BarTender.

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Database Connections

If your current labels have the same design and just different information, BarTender allows you to import the variable information from a database. This removes the manual aspect of creating labels.

*Databasing not included in the BarTender Basic Edition

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FREE Product Support

When you buy BarTender from insignia, you get the benefit of having our support team on stand-by to help you over the phone with any Bartender issues you might have.

Our staff are professionally trained and certified by BarTender to provide troubleshooting help to you.

Label Design Support

When you purchase BarTender from insignia, we will offer you the service of setting up your labels for you at a small fee.

Whether you are needing to comply to strict regulations, or don't know how to format your label to look its best, take advantage of our BarTender Label Setup service to ensure all you have to worry about is running your business.

GS1 Strategic Alliance Partner

insignia is a GS1 Strategic Alliance Partner. This gives you peace of mind knowing that we can provide expert advice and assistance. Our close relationship with GS1 allows us to provide you the best advice about the requirements you need to meet to ensure your barcodes are GS1 Compliant.

Learn more about insignia's Strategic Alliance Partnership here.