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Total Printing Solution for Holden

insignia's Solution for Holden

In the automotive spare parts industry, fast efficient processing of orders is mission critical. They not only rely on durable, reliable hardware and seamless software integration but cost efficient, long-term solutions.

No matter what industry you are in, it pays to do your research and sufficient product testing the first time round so that quick and painless decisions can be made when it comes time to upgrade.

When the time comes, upgrading into a second generation of the existing mission critical system is by far the most sensible and economical way to do this and no doubt many companies seek to do that very thing. Getting it right the first time makes it possible to accommodate the growth in the second generation.

Brad Jeavons, Sales Manager for insignia, labeling specialists, agrees. As head of the project team that assisted Holden Australia in their first Total Solutions Package for their warehouses, he has been able to make the second generation roll-out of this package quick and efficient for all parties concerned.

Part of insignia’s mission statement is ‘to clearly understand our customer’s needs and work in partnership with them to deliver the best overall solution’ and this collaboration five years ago has grown into a business relationship with Holden.

insignia were able to provide what Holden was looking for:

  • Labeling and printer industry knowledge
  • Experienced service and maintenance teams across the nation
  • Extensive expertise in all aspects of the project.
  • Warranty provision

insignia could offer a Total Solutions Package, through quality solution provision and ongoing service and support. Brad believes that ‘this company’s upgrade of a second generation system with insignia is testament of the quality business partnership and products initially installed.’


The initial total solutions package involved Datamax printers, software, consumables and ongoing field service. At that time, Brad believed that insignia were offering the best possible printing solution for Holden. All parties agreed that the Datamax W-Class printer was the right printer for their environment.

This durable and reliable printer met some very particular requirements like:

  • The ablility to handle large graphics without compromising on detail or speed of printing
  • Integrates easily with Loftware labeling software
  • Fast data processing thereby eliminating pauses between batches
  • Simple to maintain, repair and fix
  • Quick loading of labels and ribbons

Five years ago, almost every appropriate printer was tested to see if they could meet these requirements and the Datamax W-Class passed with flying colours. A close look at this sturdy printer reveals a modular printer design that allows for simple servicing. A screwdriver is all the essential equipment needed, but it does need to be a Phillipshead!

This one factor alone, means a lower total cost of ownership. Not only that, this reliable thermal label printer has been designed for high demand printing. If printers had personalities, you could imagine this printer revelling in the tough demands placed on it. It wouldn’t throw up its hands in horror when asked to load and print high resolution, detailed graphics. You would think it was actually made for the kind of exacting work that would make other printers shudder and break down!

And let’s face it. Breakdowns are the enemy of productivity. They are no good for the company’s bottom line or for the well-being of employees who are continually faced with the frustrating problem of working around them.

One of the key factors to this second generation choice was that their original Datamax printers continued to handle the demanding workload of the production lines with minimal downtime. The excellent performance of the Datamax W-Class label printer since the initial roll-out has meant that Brad and his team are once again involved with providing a second generation of total solutions to Holden. 

So to avoid going back to the drawing board, be intentional when doing your initial research and look for the best. The best provider, the best product and the best solutions. Solutions that go beyond the immediate work environment, that can adjust with growth or even if your company has a change of direction. Look for a provider that can journey with you and your company. Don’t get caught up with a company that is merely the go-between.

Poor research can mean companies are left with complicated software/hardware communication or products that are difficult to maintain with minimal or poor after sales servicing. Initially, the right research would ensure that this doesn’t happen.

‘We work hard to get the right product for the right application, for the right environment and best of all, for the right price.’ says Brad. His advice to companies who are looking to roll out a Total Solutions package that can adjust for expansion and success is to spend the time in research and test the products thoroughly. Then you will have a solution that will go the distance and keep your business where you want it to be – at the front of your field.