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Strategic Business Partners

insignia has grown solid relationships with various business partners throughout its 40 year history. These business partners enrich our business by providing the highest quality products, driving down our costs and ultimately providing you, the customer, with a quality product at an affordable price. By working closely with these carefully selected business partners, insignia can continue to be at the forefront of new innovative products within the industry and drive business growth.

GS1 Australia


GS1 Australia (Global Barcode Standards Association) is responsible for the barcoding standards of the GS1 System, which identifies all trade items, processes, services, shipments, assets, companies and locations. insignia partners with GS1 to ensure customers are equipped with the latest knowledge of barcoding and supply chain standards.

Our employees are required to attend GS1 Certified Training Programs, ensuring they have the ability to assist customers with SSCC pallet labelling and GTIN carton labelling requirements standard to the industry.

insignia is also GS1 ‘print accredited’, which means all barcodes printed on our printing presses are verified as part of standard quality procedures – an unmatched process in the Australian marketplace.

Seagull Scientific


Seagull Scientific is a well-known label and barcode software developer, with over 25 years’ experience in more than 150 countries. insignia partners with Seagull Scientific to distribute the industry-leading BarTender design and print software for label, barcode, RFID, and card printing.

The BarTender software is an essential tool for hundreds of thousands of users over the world, and is a trusted Oracle, GS1, SAP and Microsoft partner. insignia works with customers to integrate hardware and software solutions catering to individual business requirements, and support for installation, set-up and training.

Domino Printing Sciences


Domino Printing sciences is known globally for the continual development and manufacture of its’ total coding and printing technologies. With over 35 years’ experience in manufacturing, Domino’s promise to customers includes setting new industry standards in quality and reliability.

insignia partners with Domino as the sole distributor for Australia, bringing a range of thermal ink-jet, laser, thermal transfer, print and apply, and thermal overprint products to customers.

Domino products are known for their quality, rugged and innovative build, superior design and ultimately being able to simply ‘Do More’ through the extensive range of products on the market. insignia works with customers to customise solutions for warehouses, manufacturing lines, distribution centres and more; improving efficiencies, implementing cost-savings and driving innovation.

Industrial IT Solutions


Industrial IT Solutions provide software to gather knowledge and insight into the operations environment of manufacturing and distribution companies. The objective is to use knowledge to support the decision making process in improving efficiencies, determining the most effective and profitable route to establish or extend business operations.

insignia partners with Industrial IT Solutions to offer Factory Integrate software, which provides an integrated hardware and software platform to ensure quality control. Coupled with Domino Printing Sciences’ hardware, Factory Integrate can report on a range of Business Analytics and Manufacturing Execution Systems using LEAN and Six Sigma principles to support the decision making process.

Avery Dennison


Avery Dennison is well-known label and packaging materials brand, and works with more than 10,000 label converters, brand owners and retailers worldwide. Specialising in pressure-sensitive roll materials, flexible packaging and water and solvent based performance polymer adhesives and engineered films, Avery Dennison’s products perform in a number of market segments including food and beverage, wine, beer and spirits, home and personal care and pharmaceuticals.

Avery Dennison provides the highest-quality raw materials to insignia for its’ label converting business, allowing insignia to manufacture and deliver superior quality blank labels, thermal direct labels, prime product labels, barcode labels and laser labels, custom made to suit any application.



UPM Raflatac is a global leading supplier of pressure sensitive label stock, with 15 factories in 6 continents around the world. Since 1972 Raflatac has experimented with adhesives to find alternatives to the solvent-based adhesives which were once prevalent in the label industry. Developing a water-based permanent adhesive lent to Raflatacs’ growing reputation within the industry, and today has seen UPM Raflatac grow into a global player in the label materials industry.

insignia is proud to source raw label material from UPM Raflatac for its’ label converting business. Using raw label materials from UPM Raflatac, insignia stocks a range of blank labels, thermal direct labels, barcode labels and laser labels, and also custom makes prime product labels for a variety of applications.



Zebra’s technologies are sold in more than 100 countries throughout the world, and the company has a reputation for developing state-of-the-art, industry leading software and hardware solutions. With technologies to identify, track, manage assets, transactions and people, Zebra can be classed as a truly end-to-end business solution for its’ users.

insignia offers the range of Zebra printing solutions including thermal direct and thermal transfer desktop and mobile printing solutions, for a number of substrates including plastic cards, wristbands, labels, tags, tickets, receipts and more. insignia has distributed the Zebra product for a number of years, and is proud to support every item of hardware sold through two warranty repair centres within Australia.



Datamax-O’Neil has proudly manufactured well over 1 million printers worldwide, and with a guiding principle of ‘Right by our customers’ promises to continually meet and exceed the expectation of its’ customers. Well-known for their robust and flexible product range, Datamax-O’Neil products feature solid die cast alloy framing, cog driven drive system and plug and play option modularity.

In keeping the customer at mind first and foremost, products are built for ease of use, with colour coded parts on all machines which the user can touch (an error proof process that cannot fail).

With a range of highly reliable printing solutions that are easily upgradable, insignia has distributed and supported the Datamax-O’Neil range for over 20 years, and is the largest distributor of Datamax-O’Neil products in Australia. With multiple warehouses and two warranty repair centres, insignia is the best choice for purchasing Datamax-O’Neil products.


Intermec logo

Intermec is a US based company with over 50 years experience in a range of industries, such as mobile and rugged computing, wireless networking and consulting services, and printer/media systems. Intermec pride themselves on ‘building a brand you can trust’ and are known in the industry for their expertise, knowledge, and excellent build quality.

insignia offers a range of thermal transfer and thermal direct desktop and mobile printer solutions, and are currently the only Australian company offering Nationwide technical support Intermec’s product range. With multiple warehouses and two warranty repair centres, insignia is the best choice for purchasing Intermec printers.



Originating from the Samsung brand, Bixolon is a Korean based manufacturer of point-of-sale printers, thermal direct and thermal transfer desktop and mobile printer technologies. Bixolons’ motto is to ‘Sell Satisfaction’, and believe that printing technologies are an essential tool contributing not only to the business world, but to the general public as well.

Bixolon is known for being ‘ahead of the game’ which shows through their innovative printing solutions which integrate with current technology to create a friendly user experience for owners. Developing technologies to suit the Australian marketplace is at the forefront of the Bixolon brand, even working with us at insignia to define what it is that customers want out of their printing technologies.

insignia work closely in collaboration with Bixolon to bring to customers a range of mobile and desktop thermal transfer and thermal direct printers, and support the Bixolon range through multiple warehouses and two warranty repair centres.

Carl Valentin


Carl Valentin are known globally for their unequalled product variety and have been operating in the market for over 90 years. Years of experience has seen Carl Valentin develop, produce and distribute multi-functional label printing and labelling systems as stand-alone modules, installation modules, direct printing devices and special solutions; all creating barcode labels in thermal direct or thermal transfer processes.

insignia are relatively new to distributing the Carl Valentin product through the Australian marketplace, and are distributing a number of products such as thermal direct and thermal transfer printing technologies. insignia supports the Carl Valentin range through its Technical Service support team, multiple warehouses, and two warranty repair centres.