Australian Transport Label Starter pack

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The Australian Logistics Council (ALC) and GS1 Australia officially launched the new Australian Transport Standards for Freight Labelling and EDI including the Australian Transport Label on March 04 th 2016. The guideline was developed by the ALC Supply Chain Standards Work Group for the Australian Transport & Logistics Industry.

More about the ATL Pack

This pack is specifically put together by our team to allow you to print ATL Labels that are compliant with the GS1 and ALC Standard

insignia is a GS1 Strategic Alliance Partner

ATL Pack includes:

1 x Honeywell PC42T Thermal Label Printer

Print via market leading purpose built thermal labelling printer for fast and cost effective label printing. 3 year warranty as standard, built by the best Honeywell printer solutions.

1 x USB cable for easy printer connectivity

For direct connection from your PC to your label printer allowing simple printer to PC connectivity

1 X Bartender Professional GS1 standard Labelling software

Bartender labelling software allows you to create and generate all Australian Transport Label GS1 standard barcodes including GS128 and SSCC serialized shipping container codes.

1 x SB007 ATL label template set-up by qualified insignia technician

A qualified insignia service technician will be in contact to help you create your ATL label template.

1 x roll of Insignia manufactured ATL blank freight labels

Labels which fit the PC42T printer and also meet the recommended ATL guideline for label size 4" long by 6" wide.