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Take advantage of the instant asset write-off and end of financial year (EOFY) budget allocation with ready-to-deploy technologies

Data at your fingertips

Gain powerful performance results by leveraging enterprise-edge technologies to drive operational success, meet production KPI’s while empowering your workforce.

With the end of the financial year just around the corner, it’s time to consider where you can allocate the last of your budget! Although budget allocation and spend is important, you should only invest in something that provides a return.


Return on investment

Put smart and responsible spending on your agenda with insignia.

We’re here to help you identify short-term business outcomes, invest in the right technologies, and scale solutions to support long-term initiatives.

  • Integrate seamlessly with existing equipment and automation;
  • Align technology assets and investments with business objectives;
  • Deliver a single-source solution for your enterprise needs;
  • Accelerate modernisation projects;
  • High-speed scanning and barcode reading, to streamline workflow processes;
  • Rugged design and wireless connectivity for seamless integration with field operations & warehouse environments.
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With ready-to-deploy technologies, together we can help you leverage enterprise-edge technology to gain operational efficiencies, streamline your processes and help you meet your targets while taking advantage of the extended asset write-off scheme (check with your tax advisor or visit the ATO website for eligibility).


Honeywell PM45

The Honeywell PM45 series industrial printer is built for smart label solutions that help enterprises enhance automation and intelligence in manufacturing and supply chain management for high operating efficiency.

Ready-to-deploy technologies

Handheld Computers

  • Honeywell CK65, CK45 & CK47
    Zebra MC94

Industrial Printers

  • Honeywell PM45
  • Zebra ZT411

Mobile Computers

  • Zebra TC22 & TC27

Frequently purchased together

Honeywell CK65 & PC45

Zebra ZT411 & Thermal Labels

Zebra TC22 & Zebra ZQ630

We work with industry-trusted leading brands

We've partnered with the best brands in scanning, data capture and mobile printing to bring you industry-leading technology designed to enhance your productivity, increase accuracy and reduce errors.

Our support doesn't stop there

Once you’ve chosen the devices that’ll work best for your organisation, rely on insignia to keep your devices running smoothly on an ongoing basis with after-sales technical support.

From the initial setup to ongoing maintenance and optimisation, we work with you to ensure that your printer device estate continues to perform at its best.

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